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Halloween bLaZe

Discussion in 'General' started by My hit yet?420, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. wats every1 doin for halloween? im blazin' like $200 worth and im buying $10 or $15 worth of blunt wraps. after we smoke a blunt or so each i think we're goin trick or treating!!
  2. I dont even know yet, but theres definite smoking and making money and partying. hell yea
  3. cant u see ive already created one of these threads inthe same general section, about 2days ago.
  4. getting sloshed and throwing rancid meat at children \m/

  5. thats perhaps the best answer i've heard heard......

    :D ever let spam dissolve in lemon juice or tang.... it rotts in like a day and produces the foulest smelling thing ever.... don't ask me how i know.....

    im traditionally an egg guy...... i have toooo good of an aim with it..... even compinsate for the corieolus(sp?) effect...:D

    hahaha... have fun and plenty of safe chaos....
  6. im gettin some, but my friend is gettin a O and a ball of coke, so im not sure if ill try the coke. i might, but i will be smokin alot
  7. im fuckig working!


    Im might blaze at work! i work at KFC!
  8. Is that kid real??!!?!? I didnt know you could get that fat, thta young and not die??!! Scary...

  9. its the parents fault...... training then to eat crap and not do anything at such a young age...
  10. my neighbor who knows nothing about weed is supposed to be hooking me up with his cousin who says he's gunna get us a half o of blueberry for holloween. i don't know if i really believe this guy or what, but i don't care, i'll be partying hard friday night. me and a buddy of mine are going to this party as cheech and chong :p
  11. I will never let my kid get that extreme.....if I had a kid.

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