Halloween and Shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by FearAndLoathing, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. I must say, halloween is like the perfect night out on shrooms. I can't wait. Me and some friends r gonna eat a shitload each and then go out and see where it takes us. I am definetly eating no less than 5 grams that night, all at once. I might actually do some trick or treating as well, if i'm in the mood. As for the costume, me and my friends are gonna try be those crazy dudes from A Clockwork Orange. If we can find what we need...most likely not so I might just find a mask or somethin.

    Anyways, what are you all doing for halloween?
  2. i have no idea but the shroom idea sounds like a plan lol, too bad all my money is going towards music and weed right now
  3. i wish i could get shrooms, they're hard to get where i live :(
  4. Awesome plan guy..
    Have fun and take care....Marc
  5. im puttin a carved pumpkin on my head, puttin my pimp hat on top of the carved pumpkin, gettin a "pimp" cane, wearin my dads really old bright red pinstripe suit and wearin "bling bling"(plastic gold necklaces with money signs $$$)

    as for shrooms...cool...im just gettin drunk/stoned.

  6. pure genius...

    The Pimpkin King eh?

  7. brilliant plan...

    i haven't had shrooms in about 2 months now.

  8. wow, thats exactly what i was planning on doing, down to the Clockwork Orange costume, but im only taking an 1/8, since its only my 2nd time
  9. I have to hand out candy on Halloween....but I'm going to a kick ass party on Nov. 1st.
  10. My holloween is going to consist of alcohol, pot, candy, and caffeen pills to keep me awake the whole night. Not quite sure on the specific activities i'll be doing though...
  11. Just picked up my shrooms today...
    I cant wait till halloween. I ended up grabbin a half ounce, cost me 70 bucks, not too shabby. I figure im gonna sell a quarter and eat the rest.
    Hmmm, Im still thinkin if I should eat the whole quarter at once, or eat em half, wait a while, then the other half.
    Every time Ive done shrooms, its been all at once so I dunno how it would work. Anybody done that before? Is it better to space em out, or eat em all at once?
  12. I have to work on Halloween, and I don't have any spending money. It's going to suck.

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