Hallo evewryone.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by FrankieRebel, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Whats goin on people. Im 26 from houston tx and new to grasscity. I like whats happening here...surprised it took so long for me to find something like this. Happy smoking all ya'll.
  2. Welcome to the City :D
  3. Thanks, this seems like a cool place to talk to people while you burn.
  4. Welcome! Dallas, Tx here!
  5. I'm glad you're enjoying the forums.
  6. Whattup Dallas, how's the heatwave treating ya. Yeah I enjoy this shizuoka, mainly cuz I can use it on my phone while I'm relaxin
  7. But then again typos are a Mother *shit not Shizuoka lol
  8. What heatwave? I'm staying inside smoking.

    haha, I won't be exercising outdoors for another week at least
  9. I hear that, I have kid so when she is home. I gotta take it outside... Lol I take it you don't smoke with bongs?
  10. Just updated the sig... lol. I normally use my spoon-type pipe. A buddy I stay with in college, however has a vape. I've hit it all fortunate enough.
  11. sup houston , tx here!! i just found this lol
  12. What's goin on h-town?
  13. Welcome to GC. Hope you like it here :smoke:

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