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  1. Heya!

    So I'm about the halfway point in flower. Got some pics with the lights out.


    Afghani CBD x 10
    Advanced Nutrients Coco lineup
    320w Quantum Board & 325w COB LED
    Drain to waste system, 3 feedings/day

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  2. Looking frosty man. Next round bigger pots??
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  3. :smoking-bong::hookah:
    Thanks Dude!

    I don't know about using bigger pots. They're in 2gallon pots now. Feeding 3 times a day.

    Beacause of my back and neck issues/pain, i had to redesign the whole grow to be more user friendly for me so that growing medicine for my pain wasn't causing me more pain! Gettin old, lots of city miles!!

    This setup is working well so far. I just need a rubber mat for my work area when i'm pruning.

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  4. I would definitely go with much bigger pots next time man. I don't want to sound like a dick but considering the amount of watts you're burning those buds are surprisingly small. Something isn't right, your leaves are a perfect colour so I'd say your watering and nutes are spot on. Could your lights be too far away maybe?
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  5. The closest bud to light is around 8" away,

    The rest of the canopy is about 12" away with the bottom of it being 18-24" from the lights.

    The quantum board was just added 2 weeks ago. Up till that it was just the COB. A bit small ya, but i'm pretty confident in how its gonna turn out. I knew they were struggling for more light then but since the second light was added the growth has been good.


  6. Ahh right that makes sense. The distance sounds good. Simply a lack of light previously then I guess
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  7. Its looking better than my first grow at the same point so i'm a happy camper. Third gro will only be better!
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  8. Thanks for taking the time to look at the colour of the leaves!

    I's appreciate the input!
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  9. First, there are many good growers here utilizing coco, small pots, and lots of feedings. You are just fine there...although you might save your back next grow and switch to bigger pots and something that retains water a bit better. I am in peat and 7gl pots and water every 3rd day or so.
    Second, GG must grow some monsters. Your buds are just fine...5 weeks or so? They look similar to mine at that point and I generally end out getting 1gpw with a 600W Hps.
    Lastly, they look great. Rock on!
  10. That 5th picture is gorgeous!
  11. I wasn't comparing them to mine, I was comparing them to other people's grows which have similar lights. As it turned out half the lighting has only just been added so that explains that
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  12. Thanks Dude! Ya buds are/its been 4 weeks since I flipped.

    I like the control that coco gives me with feedings and enough of a buffer that it works for my real life schedule! I don't hand water. DTW system feeds 3 times a day. I fill 20 gallon res and it seems to be enough for 10 plants for a week. Lots of nice salty runoff!

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  13. oh oh, we're pulling out the measuring tape now eh!!!

    Lemme get my pants off here!!

    lol, JK!

  14. Thanks Dude!
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