Half way through flowering, spots on plants...

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by pot4my20friendz, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. So I checked out the sick plant guide on ICMF and at first I thought my plants were align from a calcium deficiency,.. but after checking my nutes (Sensi Bloom Patr A&B) I see it has calcium in it, 1.7% to be exact. As well as 4.3% nitrogen, 3.1% potassium, .1% iron, and .06% manganese. So check out the pic and tell me what you think it is. I\'ve got 4 northern light plants (grow chronical link in sig) and the spots are really only on the bigger leave not the newer ones around the buds. There in 10\" pots, dry out pretty fast with the temp in my room, so I\'ve been giving them each about 2 or 3 cups of fert water every other day at a strength just under 2000PPM. I\'m also adding 4tbsp of Fox Farm Big Bloom to every gallon of fert water. Oh and unfortunately I went with MG soil to start this grow, but the spots only started showing up about 2 weeks ago and I\'m 4 weeks into flowering.

    No bugs around to speak of so I know its not that. I was hoping it wasn\'t much to worry about but the spots have been getting worse over the last week so I thought id ask.

    any help would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  2. fertilizer burn & yes there is a calcium def

    exactally what type of MG soil did you use

    complete a soil runoff PH test.......
    with PH corrected water (6.5-6.8PH ) pour enough water in the pots so the water runs out the bottom of the pot ...test the PH of this water....

    If the PH reading is out of optimum range 6.5-6.8 PH, you need to flush your plant.
    Flush with PH corrected water, till in optimum PH range, 3 times the volume of the pots rule of thumb but may require much more flushing if the rootball is thick & sour

    EG: 1 gal pot = 3 gal. flush
  3. I used there reg potting soil, the 55% bark crap. Nothing with time release fert in it though. How can you tell they have fert burn from that pic? I\'m just curious so I know what it looks like, to learn ya know. They were really dry when I came home today so I JUST gave them another heafty does of 2000ppm fert water. If it\'s fert burn I guess the problems going to get a lil worse before I correct it. I can go get some lime for the calcium def easy enough. Can I flush with the calcium in the straight water to accomplish two things at once? Also over how long a period of time should I flush with the 3X water? Water as normal like I have been but with JUST water or flood um for the next few days?
  4. Dont add anything

    just run the test and post the PH , calcium may just be locked out , due to PH imbalance

  5. What do you mean locked out? Only thing I have and can afford at the moment is one of those 4 in one ph testers (wetness, PH, fert, and light) one of the 3 prong testers,.. its not that accurate I know but its all i got. When I test my tap water straight which is what I\'ve been mixing the ferts into I get an even 7. Which if im correct is nutral. I cant really afford ph up/down right now either so im going to the store to get some vinegar right now and I\'ll make sure the water I flush with and use from here on out is as close to 6.5-6.8PH as I can get it.

    How long to flush 3X water through the pots?
  6. stop running to add everything...........slow down

    go to an aquarium shop and get a $5.00 chemical PH test kit & complete the soil runoff test

    Too much potassium and nitrogen will lock out calcium
    Calcium can get locked out of soil growing at ph levels of 2.0- 6.2 with all the ferts you give the plant & without proper PH testing , chances are your soil is acidic as most ferts are acidic
  7. Back from the store,.. I\'m not doing anything till Im sure of what I\'m doing trust me. I didnt get this far by going ape shit,.. but no harm in having a $1 bottle of vinegar around the house :p
    Ok so when I test the very moist soil I have in my pots right now I get a pH reading of 7 after the needle settles. When I test straight tap water I also get a pH reading of 7 after the needle settles, and when I put the tester into a bottle of straight vinegar I get like 7.5.... How the fucks that possible I thought vinegar is highly acidic and will bring the PH down and baking soda or lime will bring it up? :confused: Or do I have that backasswards?

    I tested the run off from one plant I gave a good bit of straight tap water and I get a reading of 7 also.

    You never told me how you could tell I have fert burn or how long I should take to flush them with 3X the pot size of pH adjusted water,.. how comes?
  8. those testers are a joke & so was your test..... thats no soil runoff test by a long stretch, I get the feeling your going to do this all your way regardless

    re-read my last post about the PH test kit
  9. ok ill pick up a one time test kit tomorrow before watering time,.. but good lord could you answer my other two questions already? :devious: What do you see that says I\'m over fertilizing and how long should I take to run 3X water through my pots? normal watering or heavy?

    Dude i appreicate the help but just learn me something along the way not just tell me what to do,.. how do you see fert burn and how long should I take to run that much water through the GD pots!
  10. Ok well if anyone else wants to answer my two questions id appreciate it so I know what fert burn (if I even have it) looks like, and also so once i get a proper pH test done I know how fast to flush my plants.
    Tks for the lil bit of info you gave me GG, sorry I\'m not a robot that just takes orders. I\'m sure you\'ve grown some mad shit in your day but I think you need to go smoke some more and chill. Just cuz I want to know why doesn\'t mean I\'m going to go off doing it my way,.. its why we\'re all on here, to learn,.. or did you forget that after reading a few hundred noob posts asking what lights to use.. :rolleyes:
  11. IF you know what your doing you also know that cheap meters have been discussed here on the board many times & that type you bought does not work at all, and Im sure you also know that you get what you pay for with PH meters, that tester was not following instructions to get a soil runoff test, yeah

    you fert everyday, where did you learn this trait?? 2 cups everyother day is only a way to build up salts, do you have a true PPM meter or are you relying on your handy dandy, and why is it so inconcievable that you over ferted, your meter sucks yeah! your in 3 month slow release pre ferted soil, yeah

    your soil is full of ferts that are \"slow released for 3 months\", (view PDF. label: http://www.miraclegro.com/index.cfm/event/media.detail/documentId/0a4b96f2f3446ebe995ae3486dd70051/cid/43EEE8A1-65BF-EE24-22E4-16D9F36763D8/tkn/19485307)
    thier only in 10\" pots they cant be 3 months old, in otherwords you dont need any ferts & your pouring it on everyother day.

    didnt answer the question because I could smell your shitty attitude when you posted in the room, and we both KNEW you were going to argue.& look just how hard you pressed, because you wanted to dispute me I just refused to hand you the igniter.
    then you get pissed at the poor vinegar becasues its not acidic, seriously you should not wait........ go buy some dope... NOW

    Finally, you wanted to know how I knew how to identify your problem (photographic memory) turn around, look at your plants.....thats what a plant with calcium def and Miracle Grow burns looks like,....remember it & you too will be able to identify it :D

    Actually \"you did get this far by going ape shit\" to coin your phrase


  12. I never fuckin said I knew what I was doing shit4brains, I said I wont make a move UNTIL I know what I\'m doing. Learn to read.

    Make up your fuckin mind ya grumpy old man, and again learn to READ! I said every OTHER day. Which STILL doesn\'t point out how you can SEE fert burn from the ONE pic up there. You\'re not a teacher you\'re a dictator who needs the stick pulled out her ass. You shouldn\'t be trying to help anyone on here with your attitude.

    [COLOR=\"Blue\"]This is what I used [/COLOR]moron. I fuckin told you it didn\'t have ferts in it but yet just because I didn\'t read EVERY thread on this site and bought a shit pH meter you ASSume you know what I used and completely disregard what I typed to you. Again,.. learn to READ mr scrooge! It ain\'t my fault you haven\'t got laid in 5 years so don\'t take that shit out on me.

    I don\'t even know what the fuck you\'re babbling about now old man,.. must be times for your sleeping med\'s grandpa. If you actually took the time to REEEEEAD or even just skim the grow chronical thread in my fuckin sig you\'d know by the date of the first posting my plants are around 4 months old to the day. And yes in 10\" pots. And as I said I\'m 4 weeks into flowering,.. and you think I don\'t need any ferts?,... You\'re a fuckin genius man, I bow to you...

    The only thing you and everyone else at the old folks home can SMELL is your piss stained diaper old man. Just because I ask WHY you recommend doing something or WHAT specifically you see in a pic to make a certain diagnoses doesn\'t make me some punk kid who\'s going to do it his way. As I said in my second post I just wanted to know to LEARN!
    Kindly take your grumpy cynical old ass out of my thread, no ones benefiting from your suposed knowledge and with your attitude no one unfortunately ever will I presume.
  13. ha good luck hope your plant dies
  14. hey pot4my20freiendz.. how about some respect man... you sound like a frustrated teenager.. or are you??? peace...
  15. [quote name=\'nenu\']hey pot4my20freiendz.. how about some respect man
  16. it must be hard being you :eek:
  17. ya it aint easy being one of the few who can pick out an asshole like you but its a curse ive grown to accept :rolleyes:
  18. Your attitude leaves a lot to be desired and I read your filthy vulgar grow journal
    and see that you speak like this without control, do you suffer from terretts?

    expect to see no respect from this self centered individual that is so REPTILLIAN he risks his roomates home, growing weed without thier knowledge...thats LOW

  19. dude you have absolutely no fuckin clue same as GG. You think when it comes to my location and living situation I divulge even 1/10th of the truth online for the world to see ya fuckin moron? And if you actually read my thread you\'d know I don\'t need your respect I got plenty from those who can actually see the truth through the bullshit that noobs like you bombard this site with.
  20. settle down you stupid ass mother fucker.

    There is nothing more annoying than someone who wont SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.:smoking:
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