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Half-way harvest

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by BitBatKar, May 4, 2008.

  1. Hey City

    So for the last week I've been inspecting different leaves on one of my ladies and the top of the plant has about 60% amber / 40% cloudy.

    Half way down the plant its about 40% amber 40% cloudy 20% clear.

    At the bottom its about 30% cloudy and 60-70% clear.

    My question is, can I chop up the tops of the plants (i have about 8-10 main tops), and let the lower tops grow for another week or so? Or will this stress out the plant too much just harvesting the big tops?

    If possible I was thinking about doing this today, so fast replies are appreciated!

    Thanks in advance for replies. Stay high :smoking:
  2. You got it.

    Take the ripe buds and lower the lights to finish up the lower branches.

    The shock to the plants from removing the upper buds will not even be noticable.
  3. Should I use a jelly or cloning solution over the parts of the branch I cut so it doesn't get an infection? Or should I just chop it off and let it be with the lights lowered?

  4. What i do is go to the lowest node of the lowest branch that you wanna remove and take everything off from that point up.Including the main stem.In other words you will be completely removing the top half.or the lowest node of the lowest ripe branch of the plant.

    You dont need any jells or anything.The plants heal themselves if needed.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies man much appreciated. +rep's for you :smoking:

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