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  1. I am currently growing 4 different strains in 2 different mediums. I have 6 Larry OG plants in soil that are currently on day 30 of flower, along with 6 Great Lakes kush in soil on there 15th day of flower in a 10x10 grow tent that is air cooled with 3 1000 watt lights and XXXL magnum 8inch aircooled hoods. I have been low stress training them for maximum growth and had stopped week 1 into flower . I feed them general hydro using R/O water.

    my second setup is 16 plants in a Titan controls Flo and Gro. I have 9 Blue Gods, and 7 Plushberry. This is there 35th day in veg .These plants were stunted due to a control box malfunction and the plants did not feed for 8 hours and roots had dried up. It took roughly a week for them to stabilize and develop new root growth. they are vegging off of one XXXL sunlight supply company hood 1000 watt, digital ballast

    I am using General hydroponics nutrients along with Great white for roots, and hygrozyme as a root conditioner , my ppms are at 1000 for the veg system and roughly 1300 in soil that are in flower.

    Out of the tent I am hoping to get roughly 6 oz a plant due to the soil, and with the hydro about 8-10. My average now is about 7.

    Lemme know what you think.

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  2. Due to unfortunate circumstances my 15 plants from veg that are in day 2 of 12/12 decided not to feed for 8 hours. They slightly bounced back but the roots took a severe beating. Here is an update on those along with an update with my soils . Larry OG is on day 41 of 12/12 and is looking great super icey , lemony sour scent. The Great Lakes Kush decided it was a ridiculous purple phenotype and is exploding larger than the Larry og. They are On day 26 of 12/12 .. With weeks and weeks to go this looks like a decent yield for 3000watt in a 10x10 grow tent.

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  3. well, look at the bright side. u can change your title to just soil now lol. but this is truely unfortunate. i used to know a guy that this exact same thing happened to and he got lucky also. his plants bounced back and he waited for new roots to come in and one night. same thing happened all over again. u remember that guy? something tells me you do.
  4. Here is an update for all you fans out there. The 6 soil Larry OG and the 6 Great lakes kush are in there final phases of flower. The Great lakes kush strain that i have has a very deep purple color icey and are now larger than the larry OG. The Larry OG is now on day 50 of flower and wont be as a high yeilding OG strain as i hoped The Great lakes kush are on day 35. The great lakes kush strain is a heavy yielder has deep purple color and a quick finisher... we growers call this a $ strain. you better believe i am doing everything in my power to keep this strain around for as long as possible. The Hydro grow is now in day 10 of flower.. the strech is coming though the roots are still pretty damaged from the control box malfunction. Though now look much more promising Here are some photos.

    My predictions. 12 soil in grow tent-4.4 pounds roughly $16000

    15 in hydro will very much
    depend on root health 6.5 pounds roughly $26000

    Goal is to average 5 pounds a month.. lets see what happens

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  5. U got plant on ur mold bro!!!!
  6. Looks like PM on your leaves bro
  7. Yea I got a little in the tent.. I just started treating it again with pm wash. Staying away from nugs.. Little sprays on the leaves.. Pm is gay.. But I hear everyone gets it. It's the dark molds and bud rot that we fear and can be problematic

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