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half smoked joints

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bigman, May 23, 2003.

  1. hay yall, i heard that if u smoke half a joint and put it out and smoke it later on it is twice as strong, and gets you very high, is this true??, cos i gotta joint left from lastnight which i started to smoke and put it out after a few tokes,and its almost still a full joint, and i was wonderin if it goes bad if u started to smoke it and then just leave it, and how long can it be left for before it does turn bad,if any one has heard of this or has tryed it lets us know
  2. It will be slightly stronger because it will be coated in resin but it won't be a huge difference.

    I keep all my roaches and when I run out of fresh stuff I peel off the paper and smoke the bottom of the joint in a bong, I call them roach bots.
  3. Roaches can be twics as strong because they're resinated but smoking half a joint won't make the other half twice as strong. I usually pipe or bong my roaches.
  4. just smoke the whole doob, either way your getting the same amount....
  5. just smoke the whole joint, dont save it for later.... it wont be stronger...
  6. seriously... smoke the whole thing in one sitting... all your gonna get by letting it sit is a nasty tasting half a joint......
  7. Smoking 1/2 a joint will probably not do much to the other 1/2. However, when you smoke, say, 90% of a joint, that last 10% is super-resinated and a noticable amount stronger. It's known as 2nd-generation. One of my favorite things to do is to roll up a joint so that the 2nd generation is right at the filter end. That way it gets even more resinated. Let me restate my thesis:
  8. I agree, just smoke what you got. I doubt it's twice as strong, but maybe a little bit stronger because of the res.

  9. You get the same amount wither way... but, if u have ever heard of stale smoke u know that smoking half a spliff and savin it for later is a bad idea. You'll light up to what used to be fine chronic that tastes like a stale cigarette. If u wanna get stoned the next day..... roll up another fatty.
  10. Put it in the Roach Jar ;)
  11. Someone earlier said something about the filter end. How many people here use filters. I'm from VA and no one uses filters here. It is unheard of. I'm just wondering if its normal elsewhere and where.
  12. I usually use filters. That's just the way I do it. Don't hate me 'cuz I'm beautiful.
    P.S. I was supposed to get some weed today and it didn't get hooked up! i'm fucking pissed! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow...
    P.P.S. Sorry about that, I've been dry for too long.
  13. I only use paper roaches when I'm at then end of the bag and don't want a weed roach left. That way I can smoke the whole thing at once and not need to get out a pipe.
  14. my homemade pipe has a chamber in it to keep a small stash in and after a month of smoking you pull out that little stash and it get you super ripped off only a little bit. the flavor is really strong, and sometimes doesnt taste too good:)
  15. once had a whole ash tray ful of roaches...and I mean FULL ... :)

    rolled upabout 5, 1.5 gram blunts..was quite a workout :p
  16. why does everyone smoke joints? blunts r so much better no one here smokes joints its all blunts bongs and pipes
  17. Blunts take way too long to make, I can roll a joint in less than a mintue.

    Blunts are much better though, and 80% of what I smoke is from a bong anyway.
  18. why do u go to all that trouble to get resinated and stale crapppy tasting bud why not just smoke hash over it to get real stony or learn how to make extract?
  19. Someone earlier said something about the filter end. How many people here use filters. I'm from VA and no one uses filters here. It is unheard of. I'm just wondering if its normal elsewhere and where.

    Im sure i speak for T Toker also, when we speak of filters, its not the cigirette kind of filter. you just tear a small strip of thick paper curl it up, stuff it into the end of the joint so it doesnt get stuck together with resin .I really dont know how else to explain it

  20. thats not a filter! thats a roach!

    if you use an actual filter.. they type you get in cigs... then you are actually making your joint less healthy!
    THC (the sticky stuff it is) gets blocked by the filter far more than all the carcinogens and other nasty shit.

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