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Half Quarter or Eighth?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cyph3r, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Seems lots of people call an eighth (3.5g) a half quarter in different regions, I just wanted to see what the city has to say about this. Personally I call it an eighth, a fraction of a fraction is just silly people, come on :)

    Let's hear it folks!
  2. Yeah its an 8th. Not a Half quarter. Just call it a 8th. Im from NJ, Usa. All ive ever heard was 8th not Half quarter.
  3. "Meet me over on 8th street" is so much easier to say than

    "I'm at the corner of half and quarter."
  4. only 15 year old children call it a half quarter
  5. I think "half quarter" is a thing among Canadians. I personally have never heard it EVER here in Massachizzle, or anywhere else in the united states.
  6. Half-quarter is a bit redundant.

    I have heard a lot of people call it that, though.
  7. Dunno man I'm Canadian and when I hear people say it I'm like damn, someone failed grade 4 math class..:rolleyes:
  8. Absolutely.
  9. I know using the terminology "half quarter" is incorrect, but I've only heard it called just that.
    If I were to say "eighth" around where I'm at, no one would know what I'm talking about (Toronto)...
  10. Never heard anyone use the term half quarter around here.
  11. its always been an 8th ALWAYS
  12. ya im pretty sure i know more than 50 people calling it a half quarter.
    i also call it h.q. because when you say 8th people are like "ok see you in 5 at the park and its 30 for that half quad." so if you say 8th they know but always reply with half quad.
    and you go like one person saying this and the other person the other so its confusing and you usually stick to the dealers slang,just grab and gtfo and you can even call it a third of a 3/4 half ounce!

    im from toronto area though.
  13. Haha, I think if you're gonna call an eighth a half quarter, you might as well take it all the start with the ounce, then you have a half ounce, then a half half (a/k/a quarter), and finally a half half half (eighth). If you're in the market for a half eighth, you're just fucked. :smoking:
  14. half quarter is a term used by people who dont understand the concept of math
  15. I know it's not mathematically correct but here in Canada it's called a half quarter. No one around my area calls it an 8th, I've never heard someone call it that, I only see it here on the forums/
  16. Well i'm from Canada and i've never heard it called anything other than an eighth. Half quarter seems silly, akin to a math problem where you have to simplify:D
  17. i'm from canada (quebec though) and we actually never call'em by fractions, it's always like: a five (o.5g) a dime (1.0) a 2for15 (2g for 15 bucks lol and we really call it 2 for 15) then a 3.5 then a 7 then a 14 then an ounce.
  18. Half quarter....that just sounds dumb, but just because nobody calls it that around here. It's an 8th of an oz, so call it an 8th.

    What do you guys call half 8ths? Half half quarters :p?
  19. around here its called an 8th. ive never heard anyone say that they wanted/have a half quarter
  20. i call it a half quarter cuz im a kool kid and IDGAF.
    fuck the establishment lol

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