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    Wud up everyone I just wanted to share a lil short event that happened way back in 2005. I just moved more up north of Cali passed Sacramento and resided their for a while got to know some people and who the truest ones where too but I let my guard down for trusting someone a lil too much. Dude said he could flip it and my dumbass agreed but I also let him walk away with it cuz I wasn't sure what he would do over it. Either way it wasn't worth spilling blood for and I mean for both sides especially cuz my lil bro was with me. I didn't want to put to much detail so I don't put him out on blast but I also couldn't help but vent a bit by posting it up too. Dude knows who he is and I'll never forget but maybe I'll forgive him one day.
  2. You got robbed of a half pound over 10 years ago and you're still salty about it? Time to move on bro, who gives a fuck what he is doing with his life.
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  3. Let it go

    Sweat it out ..Done

    now lets move on

    and never be like this bad dude

    good luck
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  4. Yea I'm not tripping off it anymore but it was something I wanted to share since there's a Life Stories area. I've moved on and I still know all his friends their all straight.

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