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Half pound

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EEIET, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Can someone give me a price on a half pound on the east coast
  2. Depends on soooo many factors. Who you buy it from, if they grew it, exactly which state and area you're in, strand, etc. etc. Do you know how much an O goes for? I'd say a safe bet would be to just times that by 8
  3. talk to your dude
  4. ^^ That would be dumb to just multiply by 8; you usually get huge price breaks for buying in bulk at that weight (between a zone and a pound). I would say maybe $1800 is a decent price, if it's the fire fire.
  5. I'm hopping less than 1200. 350 a zip is common here
  6. Yea lots of factors here.. for super dank.. eh a qp is like ~1000 so a hp would be like ~1700-1900... Still tho this is for my area... could be a lot differnet
  7. What da fuck if a zip is 350 how the fuck you think you gonna get a hp for 1200 lmao!??
  8. exactly what i was thinking
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    Hahaha you definitely ain't gonna get the good for 12 a Half... That's almost as cheap as California pricing right there. Why are you asking us anyway?? Wouldn't you get more reliable answers if you actually asked people in your area?

    If zips are $350, then I say $1600-$1800 is a cool price to pay.
  10. Well my guy moved to Cali a few months ago so im thinking 12 ya
  11. I'll mail one to you for 500 cash mailed to my PO box.

    :rolleyes: :D
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    Lol people do not usually send illegal drugs over borders for that cheap... I'm confused now, you want to know what a good price for a Half Pound is (something you should already know if you're buying HPs) on the East Coast. Then you say your guy moved to Cali. Why do you want to know a good price on the East Coast, if you're getting the weed from California? Why don't you ask around your local area to get a better idea. Even better, call up your guy and ask him! Holy shit, what a revelation! And I can tell you from past experience, the weed that gets shipped out of CA into other states is almost always the shittier buds. They sell the good shit inside of California to get top dollar, and then ship the lower dank out of state to get top dollar as well.

    Why would your guy let it go for 12 when he can easily say 15 and it'll be scooped up just as quickly?
  13. Ugh I'm not getting a half p. he's only doing full ones for 3200. Guess I was way off
  14. WOah relax my dude. Just wanted to get an estimate before I did call him and not be shocked by the price. Im not used to getting that much. Most i ever got was a few O's off this guy. Havent seen him in a while and hes in town for the holidays...
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    Haha, you don't want to be shocked by the price, so you decide to ask a forum. We tell you prices that are consistent with your dealer's. You then call him up and get shocked by the price anyway. That's kinda funny. What part of CA is he from, if you don't mind me asking? There's a huge difference between the LA area, the valley, the Bay Area, and up north of that, near Humboldt. If he is anywhere near LA, that would explain the high prices. Because honestly he's probably picking them up for like 1600-1800 if he's not in LA, and possibly even cheaper in the valley/up north.

    Are you that one guy who always asks for the most ridiculous hook ups? "300 bucks man? You can't do like 180 or something?" I'm just messing around with you, but for real don't be that guy.
  16. damn that's a good price for a P if it's good bud I paid 2240 not too long ago for a HP here on the east coast
  17. I can't, I'm sorry. I can only legally have 1/4 pound.
  18. This dude is going to get jacked.
  19. Why the hell would you even post this? If you want to get technical, you can legally have 0 bud, because it's illegal under federal law. Acting holier than thou abiding by the legal limit, like you aren't abusing the system anyway.

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