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Half Pound of Purple Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ills, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Got a little somethin somethin a few days back, 2 lbs total... here's my HP that's left


    Some better pics..


    Strain is purple kush if you couldn't figure that out by the title.
    Price on the 2 p's was 74
    Enjoy my friends!:wave:
  2. That bud looks amazing!! So much purple it's beautiful! I got some sort of purp strain right now too
  3. Nice...wish I was back in the dirty. 230 an oz is pretty good.
  4. AHHH so much purp!!! Nice pickup man
  5. wow, just wow. you are always welcome down in Monmouth county my friend ^^
  6. What I wouldn't do....Amazing, enjoy
  7. damn looks nice man
  8. *mouth waters*....oh my gawd, I would wake up and just cry tears of joy if I could sleep with that bag :smoke:
  9. Very Nice. you know the grower?
  10. I want to put my face inside that bag and take a huge whiff of the beautiful aroma.


  11. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:?!
  12. 230 an oz isn't good enough? lol He can filp an O for 600 in New Jeru easily.
  13. aaah man that purp looks amazing!

  14. dude around me it's like $75 a 1/4, and it's not even really dank. need to make me some better connections :(
  15. im from NJ and flip and Oz for 600 wtf are u taking about, i would rob you if you tried to sell me a Oz for 600
  16. A know a guy who knows a grower :D

    Yeah that's jersey for you. This is some out-of-state bud, hence the price and quality :)

    Thank you, sir!

    im thinkin he means in theory, ya know. Skimp a little here and there, its possible. I dont fux with that small kinda shit tho
  17. :rolleyes:
  18. ok, so then you are the idiot cuz that comes out to 300 oz. 230 an oz for top shelf shit is a good price, I don't care where you are at. Again, these are street prices not "i know the grower" prices...not sure why everyone is acting like they have the best deal lol
  19. in all honesty, keeping in mind jerz aint the cheapest place to burn, 75 a q aint a bad deal.
    before i met this connect i was just like u guys payin' 400 a z.. it's all in who u know
  20. I know people who would pay 6, that's why I posted that. The cheapest I ever got something of that quality was 450-550, mostly sour d.

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