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half pound of bubblegum kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by coleslawww, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. half pound of bubblegum kush for $750? legit? pound for $1500?
  2. depends on where you live.
    for example, if i was told those prices, i would immediately know that someone was about to rob me. considering here a half pound goes for $2,500-$2,800 and a full pound for $4,600-$5,000.
  3. Uhhh... that would be a fucking amazing price. But sounds like the price of beasters to me.
  4. this is what I was about to say, sounds like a robbery waiting to happen. I doubt anyone you don't know VERY well is going to give you an hp of bg kush for $750. It just doesn't happen.
  5. yeah, that's probably not gonna be bubblegum kush if it's under a grand for an HP. unless it's a really trusted dealer, i wouldn't risk the purchase
  6. We can't help you out if you don't tell us where you live. Different regions have different prices

    Even then, that price sounds too good to be true. Don't show the guy any of the money until you see if and he weighs it out right in front of you
  7. unless hes in canada . if hes in canada thats str8 i guess. but in u.s. ,,, ur def gonna get robbed
  8. no way bro, that sounds like the price for a lil over an o, ya gonna get robbed
  9. A lil over an O for 750$?!
    I'd shit my pants if any dealer would try to sell me anything at that price

    @OP most likely either bad weed or robbery depending on where you live

  10. Ummm...... I get an o of dank for 100, so you sir are the one who gets robbed. how do you pay that much? Not trying to be a dick, but jesus, thats insane!

    Anyway, i don't know man, if you know the guy well, i would go for it, but thats if he's one of your close friends man, other then that, i wouldn't risk it.
  11. Good for you then...
    That price sounds like some mids at best.
  12. if it is directly from someone who grows that could be a legit price, that's what i would expect to pay from a grower, give or take a 100 dollars.

    but if it isn't, or your not sure, honestly i would stay away from that.

    that sounds rather suspicious
  13. I've never seen anyone around here selling an O for more than HALF that price :eek: :eek: :eek:
  14. that sounds legit...medical bud...i got 18g's for 200$ but its great bud:smoke: and crazy smell of double bubble lol...looks decieve the bomb bud it really is
    Smoke up:smoke:
  15. I came in here expecting pictures of a hp...

    I've heard of some pretty good bud going for $1500 a lb./ 750 a half, but not usually. Usually it's just beasters. Just ask to buy a smaller amount at first to sample it and make sure it's legit.
  16. Here's the deal (most of the time):
    "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."
    Don't get yourself robbed or even killed fucking around with this and I was expecting pics :(
  17. Why do people assume just cause it's an awesome price that it's not what it is? Maybe he's getting it from a grower. That would certailnly account for the low price.

    To the OP: If it's covered in crystals and you can smell it before he even pulls it out the bag, go for it. If not, ask him to sample. Only way to tell if you're gettig your moneys worth. If he aint cool with you questioning him about it, he's trying to dick you over in which case you just walk away.
  18. idk were your at, well actually it doesnt really matter. theres no way your gettin a half pound for 750 of kush. right now i cant even get mids for that..ya i know its sad:(. but anyways i would sayy no deal. but if its mids id still pick it upp :p
  19. Not even, here in canada p's of indoor shit are running 24-2600, very cheapest if you have a bomb connect usually a grower is 1800ish. Outdoors runnin 1200.
  20. Are you fucking kidding me?

    Do the math...

    Thats $3.35 a gram.

    Do you honestly think you're getting any weed...If you actually went to that deal, i wouldn't be surprised if you got shot, god forbid that doesn't happen, but seriously man...if any kush went for 3.35 a gram, the world would be a better place.

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