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half oz

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by allnaturalxx420, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. how much should a half oz cost in northern new york?
  2. idk, yes this is pointless post
  3. my friend said his contact could do it for is this pointless i just want to know how much it usually runs?
  4. I meant my post not yours lol.
  5. Is it mids? Dro? We need more info bro
  6. ok, my bad man, and its suppose to be high mids, indoor grow...
  7. 120 for a half ounce in NY? killer deal

    i pay 120 for a quarter here in southern NY
  8. 120 for a half oz for mids is bad lol i get a quarter of mids for 30 bucks when my dealer dosent have dank i buy the mids. So a half oz for me would be 60-70 bucks. but i live in Illinois so idk about NYC
  9. it's not "bad," just unfortunate. different area, different prices. i pay about $200 for a half oz.
  10. Id say 180-200 is very likely for you
  11. like 180 that's standard prices though dank no mids
  12. this stuff could be considered dank...but i know some have high standereds, and thanks for the answers.
  13. I know in Florida, half o of high mids I get Is 50 and a o is 100

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