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Half OZ of Island Sweet Skunk *pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by BlazinBlizzard, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hey GC:wave:

    Just picked up another half oz of CO medical bud. This is Island Sweet Skunk. SHIT REEKS, probable the smelliest bud ive ever seen, eh smelled.:D

    The pics are again so-so cause of my camera. Sorry. Getting a new one soon:hello:

    Tell me what ya think

  2. Best kinda bud is the reall smelly stuff, looks great man I would love to get a blunt of that!
  3. beautiful herb! i can smell it from here:smoke:
  4. Word the weed that smells like your ballsack after football practice is priceless.

    good shit brah.
  5. Thanks everybody:smoke:

    Fixing to go smoke this Clear Grape Cyclone

  6. Ive smoked a lot of weed and never seen one of those. lol.
  7. Can you pls tell me what a clear grape cyclone is....

    I can see it in the picture but how does it smoke???
  8. ^^ ya there ok. its kinda more for show. theres a slight plasticy taste. but not bad. people are always like.. "OMG you can see the weed?!? thats awsome.. OMG thats crazy."

  9. Its like a wrap, but they come pre-rolled into a cone. You just stuff ground up bud in it, they give you a little poker to pack in down with.

    There pretty cool.:D
  10. I can smell that shit from here. Haha.

    Looks like some nice kill.

    What kinda price did you pay for the half O?
  11. I can smell that shit from here. Haha.

    Looks like some nice kill.

    What kinda price did you pay for the half O?
  12. $120.00 out tha door!! haha

    veryyy stoned
  13. Such an amazing price. I'd kill for'em, haha.
  14. #14 Dirt_Mcgirt420, Sep 15, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 15, 2009
  15. looks delicious.
  16. Damn I opened this up and my homie swore he could smell it across the room haha

    Looks super bomb dude, I needa get some of that
  17. hey whats up everyone haha well thing is i just bought some of this stuff from a very close relitive not gonna say who haha anyways i got it for 100 for half a oz haha yeah i get that price for all my bomb super lucky haha anyways he doesn't know what its called and im usually good at finding it out and im pretty sure its this stuff but i got a few questions to be sure haha

    umm it smells super skunky right? ahha and tastes kinda fruity? umm very very fluffy like it looks like spaces between the buds hahha idk anyways umm its a HUGE couch lock some of the strongest ive ever had

    i mean i hope its this cause i like the name haha maybe if i get a reply or something ill post a pic ;] thanks
  18. wow 120 for that i wish they had those price in texas good bud man
  19. Those cyclones are legit for smoking alone. They burn so slow and taste damn good. I just like to be able to taste my chronic that's why I usually don't use them. Those nugs look very tasty and that's a good price.
  20. I'm growing this strain right now......I've always liked it.

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