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half oz of dank

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by 420 iz bakk, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. so ive been thinking of buyin my first large amount of dank (well for me), and was wondering what you all from GC pay for a half oz of dank
  2. I bought some dank purple today, half oz for $225. It's some nice shit, worth it in my opinion.
  3. I wouldn't pay over 130 for a half oz of dank, altho if some really good shit liek lemon kush that i came accross then 150. but i guess prices vary from area, so ask ppl in ur area
  4. half o of dank in san diego is 140-150...and thats top of the line nugs.
  5. Your in TN so you are going to pay more than the Canadian.

    I am up in Ohio and for good dank I would pay 110-180 usually. For half zip of dank.
  6. Ehh... 160-170 around here.
  7. $140-$160 for me.
  8. 225 for me unfortunately. good dank has gotten expensive in indy :(
  9. Off topic: Could you please explain what the fuck your sig means? I am quite high right now and I do not understand.

    Thank you.

  10. I think its implying that if you get stoned then wash your bong,
    you will somehow cut yourself and have a large gash (vagina) with rez all up in it
    then you go to hospital because of the gash and its hella awkward

    correct me if I'm wrong
  11. I can get some really nice bud for as low as $60 a 1/4 Oz., but I have to go through this Russian mafia which is sometimes sketchy
  12. Latest price quotes, $90 for sour diesel, $100 for nebula.

  13. my friends dad has some bud from san diego and it was uber dank stank weed.real good stuff
  14. its about 150-180 around here for half a zip of super fire.
  15. Lol everyone's prices in this thread will not be yours. I live in Tennessee as well not far from Hendersonville, I've never bought a half-ounce here but I would guess it to be around 200-225.

    Who knows though man, you may strike a deal here in ole tennessee. Terrible state for dank though lol.
  16. Take how much your mids are and double it. If its +$10-30 then I wouldnt say you got ripped off.
  17. 100 a half zone of nebula? shit man that's nice! i fuckin love nebula only had it once and it was the first time i toked :smoke:
  18. Where you live at in Ohio? id love to get a deal like that on dank. PM me if ya feel like it :D
  19. Where I used to get my weed it cost 100$ for a half ounce of shit!

    If I wanted to get a half ounce of something good I would have to pay 240$

    Where I get my weed now isn't much better but I save like 5 or 10 bucks
  20. in my area top of line is 160. Anyone wanna tell me if an I of ok schwag is worth 85? I am in the process of getting some.

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