half oz blunt

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    it was a great toke :smoking:
  2. LMAO!! You must of been zooted after smoking that monster :hello::hello::hello::hello:

  3. Wooow, very nice.

    For 420 we're rolling about 3/4 a O into a super blunt, half mids half heads with kief to kick it off. Should be nice.

    Hella good blunt sir.
  4. very well done, sir. looks like it's runnin a bit in one of the pictures, but i'd be kidding myself if i said i could roll a blunt that fat and not have any runs in it at all.
  5. Holy christ, must've been great.

    Uneven burn though.

    Nice blunt man!

  7. damn drew! Again with the blunts nice man
  8. Suppa blunt !
  9. nice blunt!:hello:
  10. haha thats crazy bro
  11. Nice super blunt ^^. those are always awesome, me and my friends occasionally meet up for an ounce blunt, we buy the super blunt at the local headshop for $3.99 :D

    + rep fo sho
  12. Nice! +rep
  13. Now THAT is a blunt. I'm usually not much for rolling, but that is certainly impressive.
  14. i think your ashtray is a nazi, but im not 100% sure
  15. close hah...but very nice blunt...kind of a waste of weed IMO but deff...a fat blunt
  16. +rep awesome blunt man musta been some dank shit right?
  17. Damn dude, that's a phattie.
  18. nice, u reminded me to go and shave my balls
  19. YO entensity <3

    sick blunt negro
  20. whoa...wtf...nice man. I prolly woulda been dead afterthat :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

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