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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by grass roots, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Go to real life stories to hear about me getting this bud...

    Half ounce of some nice danky nugs.. I allready smoked 2 fair sized nugs from it. It's covered in crystals, and has a good number of red hairs... pictures speak for themselfs...

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  2. all bagged up...

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  3. mmm, fat nug...

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  4. that shit looks extremely average at best. Would not pay more than 30/8th..... not nuggy at all really, looks flat and shakish.
  5. actually,when you look at it all spread out like that, it doesnt look very good.. but really, its some nice bud, and its not flat... but i get this stuff for 20 bucks a 8th...
  6. Alrite, for 20 an 8th not too shabby, but still not the bangins.
  7. Did you buy to small 8ths to make a 4th? (but why did he say half ounce )

  8. different places have different prices.

  9. buds is buds.. as long as it gets u high why trash marijuana...

    u want coo bomb looking bud, grow yo own stash.. nothing beats home grown...latezz..
  10. Then why talk about how different buds get you high? Why price different quality and grades of bud differently? Because it is different. Im not saying I wouldn't smoke what he had, but then again I wouldn't call it the bangins either. Its an opinion, its not personal.

  11. I bought two quarter bags, i dont know why but he just brought up 8ths...
  12. 1) a 4th is a Q ..
    pretty average stuff not to good not to bad wouldnt mind smokin it ) a little better then Schwag ..looks little less then Half an O
    and a lil seedy
  13. Is the first pic the whole 'half'?
  14. ^
    no, the two bags arent even the whole half, i said i smoked 2 nugs out of it allready. But the first pic is even less, because i took out about a half 8ths worth for a friend...

    Lemme just say, this bud looks much better in person than in those pictures...
  15. looks rather tasty

  16. i whole heartedly concurr.
  17. on the east coast (ATL) you should be able to get a quarter for 25 of something similar in quality. look around and find some good deals.

    not a bad stash, i must say. not the top of the charts, but money well spent. enjoy!
  18. That lookds like some good bud tell us how it is!

  19. Thats more thna not to shabby. Here in nyc (queens) its 20 for a gram. And ounces are like 250-400 depending on the quality

  20. I can honestly say, those pics dont do it justice... i get really get baked off it. The smallest nugs in the bag, were actually the best. Eventhough they had some seeds in them, it was well worth all the money i paid..

    heres the last nug i have left... i need a scanner to let you all really see the red hairs all over it, but thats the best my digital camera does...

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