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Half Ounce Pickup Boston, MA

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Headin2Mars, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. Alright just picked up a Half Ounce of some headies from a usual connect. It's pretty dank, and in good lighting you can see that its covered in triches, no leaves on it really, just some dank bud. Oh It kinda smells Orangey, and smokes really smooth, and gave me a nice head high after 2 bowls. 200 for the Half. Whay you guys think?

    Here's what's left, I smoked around 2 Grams today,
    Here's some nice nugs chilling on the grinder. :D
    Some Little Popcorn nugs.
    The BIG NUG weighed 3.2
  2. VERY good pickup for 200. At least around here it is.
  3. $200 for a half zip of beasters? Damn man.
  4. Sounds a lil expensive, but that could just be because my area has cheaper prices
  5. That price seems a little high for the sack you picked up
  6. Trust me, see this in real life and smoke it, its not beasters, I know this because I got beasters last week and Beasters smelt like nothing at all really and this smells sweet.
  7. #7 wizzardboi, Jan 20, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 20, 2010
    I am saying what i think based on looks, for all i know this can be legit sweet tooth grown perfectly.............however, although it looks goood, it looks like mass produced chemical fed beasters that happens to look ALright. I think it takes a seasoned toker to know this product from real dank ( ex. medical club bud) I use to fuck with beasters for like 3 years, and when i had beasters i thought it was dank but i wondered why when i smoked my friends weed that looked just as good i got WAy higher. come to find out my friend had some real dank and i learned the difference bewteen beasters and dank real fast when i noticed the huge difference in high. THe beasters i use to get for 3 years about i wondered why it never really stank or had a strong smell. none of the shit was ever cured. the people pushing mass amounts of beasters only give a fuck about the money. so they never properly cured the beasters for weeks, or even let them dry out much. sometimes it came slightly moist and would mold if i dident break apart the brick of beasters ( brick due to vaccum sealing). Sometimes the bud smelled sweet but never really had room stinking capabilities like a half zone of real sticky dank from a medical club. I was getting it by . ever since i found a connect for dank i will never fuck with beasters
  8. rep boston! :)
  9. You're in denial man, that is some beasters. Looks like some nice beasters for sure, don't get me wrong. Some can smell and taste better than the last batch.
  10. enjoy the pick up, looks a little expensive i agree it looks like some beasty bud as well. but get high regardless.
  11. I live in the area and that looks really similar to some stuff I got the other month. I ended up getting it for $120 (KB price)...but I think that was just cause I got lucky. I smoked it with another dealer and he couldn't believe I got it for that price (like 'wizzardboi' said though he did mention the chemicals thing and suggested that may be a possibility). But he said he would've charged closer to headie prices so you probably still got it for a decent price.
  12. I'm in ontario, and i get a lot of mids that look like that. 180-195 an oz. IT's pretty good weed, but i also agree with the person a bit above , dank smells skunky, and is not vaccuum sealed and full of stems.
  13. No offense to anyone on the thread, but i think this is some pretty good bud, and when I smoked it I got the same high I usually get from headies.
  14. do you have a name on that? i have been getting some of the best bud recently. i live kinda near Boston. lots of outdoor Headies with good amounts of named headies from reliable people.
  15. Nope, just no name, if i paid a little more i would have gotten a name strain, everyone on this forum is saying its beasters by a picture when if you saw it and smoked it in real life you would know that its headies.
  16. yeah. looks like what i have in 1 of my more recent jars. nice pick up. lots of hairs
  17. not bad yo...

    red sox still suck tho :D
  18. I honestly don't understand, The redsox happen to be one of the greatest sports franchises of all time. that's not opinion, it's fact my friend.
  19. Don't let anyone get you down. If it gets you high, smoke it.
  20. Most sens i have heard today. +Rep, and yeah it gets me baked, so i dont see how its beasters, I have a pretty high tolerance.

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