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half ounce of shwag

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by MobBarley, May 12, 2009.

  1. Okay how much would a half ounce of shwag go for? o_O I usually buy a gram, never half an ounce, but yeah how much would that be?Thanks for helping me
  2. Goes for $40 - $60 depending on who you are getting it from here.
  3. lol my friend whos also a dealer said how much i got so i said 30 and he says he can get me half an ounce
  4. $25 for a half zip of schwag around here, but I wouldn't waste my money
  5. more or less same here.
    I'd rather spend twice as much for half the bud but wayy better quality.
    (if that made sense lol)
  6. 60? for a half o? of shwag? fuck that! 30 dollars man, well atleast when i use to pay. i love being sponsored to smoke weed :smoke:
  7. 25 for a half o of schwag
    50 for a zip
    20 dollars a G of dank (I get mine for 16 a g (cause my brother slangs)
    60 and eighth
  8. can anyone post a pic of a half zip of shawgg? cause this dudes gonna eyeball it
  9. um. all i got left is about a 10-20 sack. but i could post that. it would just be a bit more.
  10. dude whos your brother i get my dank in plano for 16 a g too cuz were good friends with him.
  11. Looks like it was grown out of a rednecks hairy ass lol. That's below shwag, I wouldn't even bother smoking that. I'd smoke shwag but that looks disgusting.
  12. Its not that bad, smells fresh, the only thing that gets to me is that its kinda flat
  13. #15 (sic)Reckoning, May 12, 2009
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    I wouldn't pay more han $50 for a half O' of shwag.

    edit: just looked at the pic. Don't buy that shit, it looks disgusting. I wouldn't pay anything for it but if he charges you more than 40 for a half O' of that shit tell him to go fuck himself.
  14. Actually some of the best shit I have had was swag, believe it or not.
  15. well i will see if these are good tonight :D
  16. ewwwwwww. i just bought a 1/4 of no name dank for 40 friday, and trust me, its MUCH better than that shit.
  17. People hate on mids so much, but its better than smoking cigarettes.
    I mean if it is actually majority stem and seed then that sucks, but others roll js

  18. I believe you, i believe you have not had very much quality cannabis, shwagg is a term to describe shitty weed, so the best weed you have had is some shitty ass dirt like weed?

    Or are you mis using the term?

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