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Half Ounce of Jack Flash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sagolous, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Im not an expert so not totally sure...High seems similar to reviews I've read. These are the best pics i could take. Sorry for the huge pics. Dont kno how to resize.

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  2. niceeee looks a little leafy but still, dank as fuck

    keep blazin:smoke:
  3. Om nom nom, that looks mighty fucking dank, a bit, tiny bit on the premature side, but from the looks, it doesnt seem like that matters 1 fuckin bit. Nice grab! +rep
  4. that shit would be sexy if it were trimmed better
  5. yea trimming kinda bad but nice pickup man.
  6. Nice pick up, if I were you I would take 10 minutes with some scissors and clip the buds, just to make it a little smoother and sexy :) either way, looks good.

  7. Its not really the trimming, its just slightly premature, if they had trimmed all the leaves off, there would be almost nothing there, the buds didnt fill in all the way, but with this strain im sure its far dank enough premature to not care at all hehehhe
  8. true little leafy but fire and hella crystals

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