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Half Ounce of Canadian Bud *pic*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Wet Horse Lips, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. #1 Wet Horse Lips, Jun 7, 2009
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    Better picture this time than last pickup.

    Anyways, smoked some of it, but for $90, can't go wrong. Taste is very smooth. The smell is pungent, very skunky. Busts up nice in a coffee grinder.




    EDIT: Oh, I put the buds in this wooden storage container I bought as a souvenir when my cruise ship stopped off in Haiti a couple of years ago. Minus the bag, and this bud dries out quite fast... it's already a lot easier to grind up. I still use a hand buster, but for some reason I think the coffee grinder has larger yields.
  2. Nice buds mang, I'd blaze em. Price doesn't change much around canada, like i guess you guys are paying;50 a quarter 90 a half 160 an O? That's not bad at all especially for nice buds, here in quebec it's pretty much the same, 40 a quarter,80 a half, 140 an O.
  3. 25-40 for a half quarter, 50-70 for a quarter, 90-120 for a half o

    depending on dankness

  4. Hmm, Quebec seems slightly cheaper.

    I usually get a quarter for 45, a half O for 85-90, and an ounce for 160-180. My friend and I split on this ounce 2 ways, and it happened to be 90 each, so this bag was 180. It's better than the last stuff, so I don't mind.
  5. Those are some good prices. I wish I could get that price here in New York.

  6. You probably are a lot better at conserving weed than I am. I smoke with a lot of people and go hog wild on it, so I tend to have to buy more, more often.

  7. Yummy!
    Looks like some of the stuff weve been getting down here, (New Brunswick)
  8. Well, here a gram of some really good bud is about $20/g. Thats probably the best price on the island, but sometimes I wish I could get quantity over quality, because sometimes I just wish I could pack a few bowls, as oppose to just 1 or 2 at a time.

  9. Wow, them prices is steep, isn't they?

    A gram never goes for more than 10 here. I always pack like 8+ bowls, cause I'll have so much busted up. It goes fast. :|

    And Alexy, good shit ain't it?
  10. proper buds, looks like the qp i picked up

  11. Mmm, how much did that run ya?
  12. about 700-750.. cant remember.. awsome shit though..
  13. Nice buds man, and can't go wrong with the price.

    I just recently found a guy who sells dank for $130 a half, which is bomb for the US.

    Happy Toking!:bongin:
  14. nice tree.
    its all orange haha

  15. not that that term is incorrect, but isn't that just called an eighth?
  16. Not too bad, I noticed ontario's always alittle more expensive but still good bud and lots cheaper than the states so whats 5-10 $ lol
  17. great price for sure, but its just some leafy beast?? doesnt look too special to me
  18. #18 Wet Horse Lips, Jun 7, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 7, 2009
    It is fairly leafy, yes.

    But the nugs are very, very good. I assure you. If I had a better camera I could do macro shots and what not, but I can't. Trust me, this is worth $90.

    EDIT: Pocket Biscuits, I always call it an eighth. Some people have never even heard that term... then again, there's a lot of terms I personally haven't heard, so...

    Although, eighth is correct... it's just metric measurements. I use the term on everyone and slowly it's starting to be recognized... even though it's common knowledge.

    Same with kief... no one around here even uses that term; it's always "crystal". It's because of GC that I am more educated than the average stoner.
  19. yeah mane doesnt look bad at all i would smoke the fuck outta that im so dry, dont mean to hate
  20. Guys from the states call alot of our buds beasters because they look so similar to what you get but out keif is still on them so the buds are bombb.

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