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Half of Mids (let me know what you guys think)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kr9681, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. paid $65 for this half ounce of mids, did i get beat? should i go back to this dealer in the future? i've been smoking for a while but i cant eyeball that good yet lol


  2. Hmmm, not too bad. It seems to be lacking trichomes, but considering the amount, not a bad deal. How does it taste? How is the high? If you like it, thats all that matters. To my eyes, it doesn't look very tasty, but looks have been known to be deceiving.
  3. Looks kinda gooey.

    Try cutting one of the buds in half with a knife.
  4. it taste ehhh but the high is fun and keeps me doing things atleast so i can smoke and be sort of productive instead of becoming a lush just eating and sleeping like weed normally does to me lol
  5. might have been shorted a bit, but i can't really tell from pics ya know?
  6. Correct me if i'm wrong, but looking at the bud, i can see small purple coloring here and there, anyone else notice that?, especially on the last picture.
  7. Eh, I think its just your eyes. I can sorta see where you may confuse it to be purple, but I just think its a brown-ish tint.
  8. Hey what's up

    When you say Eyeball, Do you mean you cant't tell how good the weed is by looks?

    Well to determine the potency of weed you use taste and effects Not looks,


    Where Im from eyeball means the amount of weed, the weed looks ok, but that does not look like half an ounce, thats more a eighth or less. if thats the case then you got ripped. if you have more weed thats not in the pic then you're OK

    Did you weight it?

  9. Hah yeah, i didnt notice the battery before for size comparision.

  10. Maybe this is a good thing. I personally like to have a few different types of herb on hand. Smoke it during the day :wave: and save that LAZY MAN SMOKE FOR THE WEEKEND!:smoking: LOL
  11. looks like regs to me
  12. I buy a half of mids almost every other day for 40 looks like you got shorted to me and the mids look like there closer to being regs
  13. weigh it out to see if you got ripped, the bud looks okay, just smoke it to rate it, and did you smoke some before you took a picture?
  14. That's definitely not a half. Looks like a big eighth to me. If the dealer told you it was a half oz he was ripping you off. I usually pay $50 for a nice dank eighth, but prices vary. You can decide if you got boned or not. I would advise you to get a scale though.
  15. i agree looks exactly like an eighth i just got

    nugget looks the same and everything :eek:
  16. unless those buds are fat as fuck and i cant see it that dont even look like a 1/4
  17. I believe it's a half of mids. Where are you located? Around here that would run 50-55.
  18. i spy purple to, but what does it matter coloring has nothing to do with potentcy... i see no trichs tho, and you paid 65$ for half zip? sounds good if you got it all. Your pictures dont look like 14 Gs to me but more like a quarter= 7Gs(give or take.)

    PS: Ive seen worse mids man. they look alright.
  19. It's all about the weight. I'm picking up an ounce tomorrow of it. Got it for 110.
  20. Looks straight to me.

    You got a good deal paying $65 for 1/2 anyways, and it looks like straight up mids too.

    Nothing sketchy here.

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