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Half of Low Headies Pick Up (MACROS)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by HeadySpaghetti, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Just picked up some decent headies , a half for 175$, not bad at all around here. It doesn't really have a smell to it, and its a bit airy and some stems but for the price and my area you can't complain. Smokes A lot better than it looks thats for sure.




  2. beasters?
  3. Looks like some outdoor sativa that was picked a bit early. Oh well, I bet it smokes fine! :smoking:
  4. Definitely not beasters, beasters are much more dense, wet , orange. Just low headies that were picked early, you can tell because its not big buds, but it still smokes good :)
  5. Actually just rolled a blunt of this stuff for my mom, she used to be an alcoholic and I didn't want her to drink and it brings back bad memories and she was fighting with my dad. I told her just smoke weed instead, she asked if I had any, I said I did and I rolled her a blunt and told her to take a slow, hit by hit, and I'll see how it goes for her. Hope she enjoys it and smokes ocassionaly. Unforunately I can't smoke with her because of my derealization/depersonalization, but hopefully she feels better. I'm sure she will.
  6. damn seems a little bit too expensive
  7. wut he said
  8. i can tell that it was grown outside and grown pretty well. i prefer outdoor bud. if the grower would've let that plant finish though, it would've been some :hippie:
    nice nugs

  9. To me its not expensive at all, I live in the area of the most expensive prices you'll ever find. NJ/NY areas always expensive
  10. a half of low headies 175? ouch come to canada bro

  11. dude so right. i live in DE and good weed is either hard to come by now...or expensive as hell.

  12. Could you ellaborate on "derealization/depersonalization", if that's alright with you? I've heard the term before but never pondered over to what it may be.

    Have fun smokin' that up, bro! :D

  13. Its pretty much this out of body feeling constantly, to me I feel sorta like myself inside like a shell that is my body, sorta like my mind isnt quite correct with my body, its hard to describe. Your better off looking it up

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