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Half O Pickup - Mids

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Hopkins, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Just picked this half o up for $65, a good deal around here. The bag was about 14.2 but had a huge stem that was .7g, but it's all good. A few seeds, typical mids around here. Real strong almost nasty smell, skunky I guess you could call it. Smokes pretty smooth, has a nice taste to it, something I've only experienced with some Blueberry that I smoked my first time. How's it compare to the mids in your area and price?

    There was an 1/8 more than what is shown in the pics, but it disappeared :bongin:

  2. Its pretty leafy, but so was my mid's pickup last weekend. Almost looks like we both got the same strain hahaha. It looks pretty sweet bro, not brown at all, has a few hairs and you can even see some crystals in the pic's if you look close enough. I bet its some good stuff though man.
  3. i wish i could find someone to get halfs for $65 that weed looks pretty decent too id smoke it
  4. my mids looks a little less leafy but same price... some legit reg:p
  5. id grab that, good price
  6. Reg and mid aren't the same thing where im from.

    Reg is like this, mid is like more meaty dense buds, some orange hairs, less leafs, not as compressed.
  7. yeah they are a little leafy, but are also fluffy and sticky, so it's all good
  8. Damn that's cheap:smoking:
  9. Nothing wrong with that pickup for sure. Congrats!! :smoking:

  10. Same here! lol
    Looks like legit mids,but very leafy at that. Nice though.

  11. semantics:cool:
  12. i would pay 65 for that definitely.
  13. Yeah it was a sick deal. and a friend of mine just called and said he has some kush for 20 an eighth, we'll see...

    What can I do with the leaves? Grind them and smoke em mixed in the bowl or what?
  14. Looks green bro wich is good lol..But yeah not sure if i have good mid connect or what but in az i get halfs for 30 and ozs for 60..
  15. looks good :)
  16. Something must be wrong with my dealer, but 65 is a lot for a half of mids, I pay 40 for something like that. Maybe my dealer knows a grower, or something crazy, but I thought 40-50 was standard all around if your ounce is 100.

  17. Either that or you could make some hash from them!! :hello:
  18. damn nice man looks almost like the mids i get but mine are a little more fluffy and shit I get a half o of mids for 25 but I know my dealer very well. Nice pick up man sorry about the other 8th you smoked and forgot about lol.
  19. wouldnt pay dat much fo a half but id still smoke dat
  20. nice mids for the price.. kinda leafy but its all gooood

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