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half O of sour kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by trixx, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. #1 trixx, Sep 7, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 8, 2009
    this shit is DANK!! smells and taste kinda lemony. it was $210 for a half O which is pretty good for dank around here.


  2. i hope that somehow you accounted for the bag weight.
  3. Haha. This was my first thought.
  4. Damn bro, enjoy that!

    P.S. I'm from Greenville, SC.
  5. + rep for the Triton T2!
  6. Post some more pics bro, that stuff looks nice. Too bad about the bag though, that probably weighs like a gram and $210 is pretty expensive. As long as you're happy though.
  7. yea the normal sandwich bag that dealers use weigh 1.1 grams so your bag should be 15.1 or atleast 15 grams, bud still looks good tho

  8. The ones with no zip lock on them are .3 I believe.


  9. Yeah, thats like a 20sac off the weight. Kinda gay to get skimmed that much.

  10. those are straight up 1g
  11. yea the regular bags are 1g like the other guy said, no .3g

  12. Did your dealer tell you this, or did you find out by weighing one, because everytime i weigh one from a lot of diff brands its always 1-1.3 usually like 1.1
  13. haha I lived in g'vegas for a while too, did you just graduate? (hs)
  14. yeah! im in USC cola campus now! woot woot
  15. nice man. im from sc. down next myrtle beach. whats good:wave:
  16. shit man. im in charlotte,nc (not too far from greenville,sc) and ive been gettin the sour d for a couple weeks too. I usually just buy an 8th for 75 tho. It gets me retarded high tho so its cool:)
  17. 8th for 75 is pretty rough....even by my standards. They go for 65 max around here
  18. So looks like you got around 13 grams for 210?... ouch thats pretty rough.

  19. every time I weighed my stuff back when I was using my buds scale it was .3

    idk though
  20. the dime bags are .3, those bags are atleast a grammie.

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