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Half O of some dankkk Central FL Bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by moose420, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Whats up guys, just wanted to share my latest pick-up. Picked up a half oz of some no-name, although it could have a name i just didn't get a chance to ask my dealer. Stuff has a pretty sour smell too it, let me know what you guys think :smoking:

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  2. dank nonetheless... hows the smell when burnt?
  3. Nice pickup homie! Is it as dense as it looks?
  4. Code:

    What part of central Florida you in man? I'm in clermont
  5. thanks man, not really sure on how it smells when burnt because i blaze outside on my back definately tastes alot like how it smells though

  6. Yea man the nugs are nice and dense:smoke:

    and wizardstoner i'm in brevard county
  7. :hello:

    what part of central fl are you in?
  8. Shit looks dank what did you pay? I'm in deltona, volusia county
  9. Thanks bro and i paid 180 for it
  10. Not too far away, Clermont is full of awesome dealers.

  11. im from brevard too.. Merrit Island to be exact
    new to GC and always down to burn some fire so anyone here from brevard hit me up if u wanna chill:smoke:
  12. mm nicce nice man!
  13. loooks amaaazing. central florida represent
  14. gotta love that florida dank

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