Half O Of Pearly White

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  1. Do you know if it was straight off a key. How many hands has it passe3d through to get to you? And if you don't mind me asking, how much did it run you.
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    Listen officer, I just got it from a dude, thats all I know. Dude, I've never gotten this much blow before and most of its gone from doing it with buddies all the time. My friend holds it cause I don't like being near it. I have no idea about anything but that its some FIYYYYYYYYAAAAA.
  3. Seriously? I'd keep it under my pillow.

    Or maybe in the fridge (that seems like a better place to store blow).
  4. I'd just keep it in my nose :D
  5. nice pickup... i want some soooo bad.
  6. Damn man!

    Got me all antsy.
    I got a ball 2 weeks ago, it was the best i've had. Runs almost 2 bills for a ball, for anything that's not cut to shit.
    I can't imagine what you could make with something like that out here. You could cut that shit in half and sell it for 60 a g and no one would say SHIT.

    Have a good day/night sir, as you won't be asleep anytime soon :p
  7. HAHA I was about to call cop after those sketchy questions, 8 posts tostal, and a non-drug affiliated username or nothing in his sig about drugs. Then I read the post below that someone else pick it up...
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    how pure is that shit? can i get a round figure?
  9. i want some!!!!!!!!! gimme gimme gimme!! i only buy 2grams at a time....I wish i was rich lol
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  11. THis thing is a beaut.
  12. For anyone who hasn't seen this thing of beauty.

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