Half O Of Pearly White

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    These pictures don't do it justice, this is the same batch as my previous pics and you can see the sheen much better in those I didn't take the time with this pic, I'll take some close ups later. Enjoy, and don't make the floor to sticky.:eek: :p


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  2. Man youre really goin all out on the lello lately aren't ya? I guess I need to move to Cali...... bwahahahahhahaha

    In all seriousness man, what the flunk? Where's all the people in my area with this kind of yay
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  3. ^^yeah man, I know what you mean. I picked up a ball earlier this week and I think I'd be lucky if it tested on the good side of 50%. Which is ironic cause my H is purer than my blow, wonder how many people have that problem?

    But it wasn't a big deal to me, I 'lost' some so I ended up with a nice sack of the yay for practically free. And cut or not, frees free.
  4. Indeed, you should have taken some pics to show the blades what a bag of 50/50 looks like for educational purposes.

    Free is free, and free is good.
  5. I still have some, but coke pics really don't turn out that much. Honestly, it just looks like a white powder, a little sheen but much less than yours. What most people would say 'coke' looks like off the top of their head, a white powder, with small chunks.
  6. Why that's a mighty fine looking snowball you've got there.
  7. Dam man thats some nice coke

    want dat
  8. Oh look..theres more :smoking::smoking:

    Shit man be thankfull you get good stuff consistantly. I've only had 1 guy who was good with it like that.

  9. Yeah its tuff, there are alot of dodgy folks when it comes to coke.
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    I would probably suck your cock. ummmmmmmmmmmm

    awkward :hide:
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    Yeah, it tends to have that effect on females, much like a stack of cold hard cash. Mix that with a little bit of game and its [​IMG]
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  12. Seeing this actually makes me want to try good coke haha
  13. I have coke too . . .

  14. Nice my dude.

    My plan to pick up that big went up in smoke as the dude fucking cut it before I could get anymore.Suck's,he had some good shit.He wont be getting my money untill he make's another trip.
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    This man is using up America's supply of yayo!

    We need a coke welfare system now.
  16. I'm jelous... I've never done the bomby shit like that
    whole different world then what I'd get here in maine
  17. Ehh it's just rerock...

    nah, it looks good.
  18. cook all of it up and go re up.
  19. Glad you guys like, me likey too.

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