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Half o of loud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JAREDxTOKZ, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. IS that enough to get 6 ppl stoned?
  2. What the fuck is loud?
  3. 14 grams of my weed will surely get 6 people very high.
  4. If you're calling it loud, then yes it probably is :cool:
  5. A OZ. of some quiet,You'll get so high there isn't nothing to be loud about (Trust me)

  6. Dank. Idk why people need stupid nicknames for good weed. Just say its good weed.
  7. Uhhhh yeah,Half O = 14 GRAMS...........6 people with a gram apiece will be Blown the fuqq back,Hell half a gram apiece will have half of you Zombies:D

    Which will leave you with 11 grams still

  8. a term created by a half-wit to describe good weed. anybody who uses the term is immediately labeled a dumbass in my book. :)

  9. Hahaha ^
  10. Someone who calls it loud will probably find a way of not getting high from a half ounce.
  11. 14 grams will get any 6 people high. For sure.
    Dude, my weed's so loud, bro.
  12. Unless everyone has extremely high tolerances, yes
  13. I got an O of Bass and a half of Silent...
    Shit gets you so fucked!
  14. My nuggas in the streets hook it up wit da quiet all da fuclin time!
  15. No dude, you obviously need a pound of dank for 6 people to get buzzed. xD
  16. You guys will pass out after you do it.
  17. Ingesting a pound of dank. Current method. How fucked are you? xD


    I'm hella fucked. I'm using my DBV hooked up to my bong. :laughing:
  18. dang someone beat me to the quiet joke!

  19. :smoke:

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