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Half O of KUSH

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by virtualchaos, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hey i picked up some kush for 115$ for half o

    good deal? OR NO
  2. Pictures?
  3. Amazing pics keep it up :) !!! hahahha
  4. its probably not real kush then, because Kush here in Michigan goes for 160-220 a half oz, quarters are usually around 90-120, but if its actually a half oz of kush for 115, either your dealer has no idea what he's doing or you just got ripped off with straight middies/schwag
  5. I second this notion lol.
  6. Dude, just because you are paying nasty ass prices for bud, doesn't mean he doesn't got a hook-up. It's all about who you know, have fun with your 220 half zips. I can grab a medi quarter for like $40 lol.
  7. i think your the one getting ripped off, idk where your from but i would never kick down more then 140 for a half, and thats of fire. if your paying up to 220 just for a half you my friend are getting jipped.
  8. that isn't how it works...
  9. Thanks for sharing -- good to know Michigan sets the standards on pricing for the entire country. I'm also amazed at your strain identifying skills, by being able to determine he got schwag, even though there are no pictures. Truly amazing skillz you have. +rep
  10. This thread is full of fail, and anyone who posts below this is a complete FAILURE.
  11. yeah me to.
  12. lmao i second that
  13. I got tricked coming into here >.< i thought thered be pics -.-

  14. same old bullshit lol
  15. :bongin:
  16. this thread has no sense of delivery
  17. threads that deliver?

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