Half my LEDs lights went out. HELP!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by MrMatrix, May 10, 2010.

  1. (prenote: this isn't a thread about discussing LEDs in general so please do not turn it into one ;) also I reposted this on another board here cause I dunno where this kind of thread goes)

    I purchased a 90w Gen3 UFO LED from htgsupply in Nov. It's been in use since late Feb. with no problems until earlier today when half of the LEDs on one side decided to not turn the hell on!

    Tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, wiggling the cord, plugging it into a different socket and they still won't light up. There is no damage I can see to the light or cord either.

    The HTGsupply site doesn't even have them up on a page anymore which is a little alarming to me haha

    Any suggestions on how to fix it or why it would do such an odd thing?

    Thanks for your time :smoking:
  2. You have 1 bad led and that one bad one will knock the whole bank of led's out... like the old Christmas lights. So now you have to find the bad one and either replace or remove it.
  3. :hello: Thanks I Just got one from the same place and I have the same problem out of the box.

    Helpful answer.:smoking:

  4. If you used and HID, you would only have ONE light to worry about :) lol sorry i had to throw that in there.

    If you have a voltmeter, and don't mind opening up the lamp, you can test each led on the side where its off and find the culprit. If you have a soldering iron you can replace it.

    Personally for the money charged for those things i would demand some kind of service from the manufacturer.
  5. Old thread but there was a resolution. I returned it that week and got a new one back like a month later no questions asked.
  6. Glad things kinda worked out for you, what did you use for a light while you were waiting?
    Its not uncommon- I've seen more than one UFO type light on Craigslist or Ebay for sale at a reduced price because of a bad power supply, exactly the same issue half the LED's won't light up.
    Easy fix for some not for others.
    Glad it worked out for,
  7. I bought some 42w CFLs and they did the job just fine.

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