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    Well, as a person who has played half life for over a decade, and even has been inked in the Lambda Symbol, I thought I would share the first installment of the Half life movie called "Escape from city 17"

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1UPMEmCqZo"]YouTube - Escape From City 17 - Part One[/ame]
    Fuck yea at 4:00
    Edit: This is a book, a game, and now a movie, so general looked good. Spread the word.

    Just wanted to say to those who wonder, today is the day I am back to good.
  2. awesome. but I still hope they never make an actual half-life movie.
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    Really? I made a script for a half life movie, but I dont want it made either.
    I think the appeal to the game for me is that it is the best game I have ever played, and yet isnt mainstream. Do you enjoy its lowkeyness as well?
    I considered resident evil 1 stolen from half life.
  4. It is nothing short of a masterpiece, and yes, a huge part of that comes from its "lowkeyness." I discovered it way after its popularity had peaked, so I went into it with no expectations and it blew my mind. I have pondered and contemplated half-life more than any movie or book I have ever read/watched thus far, and honestly in the right hands it could be an amazing movie, but you can't ignore its blinding potential to be turned into a mindless special effects showcase/advertising vehicle (i'm lookin' at you watchmen).
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    Half-Life is epic as a game. EPIC. And although the movie will probably be awesome, I never liked video games being made into films.

    ^^ Watchmen, yeah that is a shame. I enjoyed the comic, absolutely loved it. But I'm not even sure if I will watch the movie.
  6. Word, I agree with both of ya.
  7. Hitman, Max Payne, Resident Evil; all games that I really enjoyed as well, especially Max Payne. The films, on the other hand, made me sad inside.
  8. yeah, in the same way that watchmen is meant to be a comic book, because it fully takes advantage of the medium in ways that are both innovative and genre-defining, half-life (and to a greater degree half-life 2) is meant to be a game, because ultimately its greatness comes from its subtlety, and the feeling of adventure/excitement you can only get from exploring the world for yourself.

    If Half-life became a movie, they would have to spoon feed you all of the subtle things that you may or may not find in the world, and they have to draw for you the conclusions that the game lets you draw for yourself.
  9. I am a fan of the original Half Life, Opposing Force, and Blue Shift.

    The newer ones are alright, but don't feel as unique as it did years ago.

    I still need to play Episode One and Two.
  10. Word, i think thats why I made the script, to see it done how I wanted it done.

    Same here. Ive been playing half life 1 source multiplayer the last few weeks while I wait for Call of duty modern warfare to arrive curtisey of a good friend, and I love it.
  11. Yeah its that sense of achievement that only a game can give you. The Half-Life story, especially is unique and very thrilling, but those feeling can only be achieved by playing the game. As you watch the movie, the information is crammed films always alter and change things from games. The original intention and everything that springs from it are lost as the game transfers into a film.
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    So true, sometimes I think Tarinteno would but the only worthy one.
    I cant tell you how frustrating it was to first hear of 9 episodes, then they mark it down to 3 just because it isnt mainstream. It ugh still drives me nuts.
  13. Chiming back in to say that video rocked, are there going to be more installments?
  14. I hate headcrabs.
  15. Well, theres always word as to more isntallments, but nothing concrete.

    Headcrabs are dangerous, as long as they are debeaked, if so, the least they will do is attempt to couple with your head :)
  16. Kleiner must have had many clones. He's lucky he wasn't one of the Kleiner's I mercilessly beat to death with my crowbar.
  17. Word, I think the crowbar would be my direct weapon of choice. Heavy yet efficient.
  18. I might have to dust off my copy of HL2.
  19. I hope you do, i am currently playing episode 2 for the umpteenth time trying to do all the achievements.
  20. Half Life is the best FPS series ever.

    Dropped the bomb!

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