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  1. I recently dusted off this instant classic to give it a proper run on my new setup and found it incredibly immersive.   This game has a mood to it I have not encountered in many others.  While many games strive for atmosphere, most fall short in my opinion compared to a good movie or show.  Half Life 2 delivers.

    I am obviously biased since the original Half Life is hands down my favorite fps of all time, but I couldn't recommend HL 2 more for elevated gaming.    You can grab the whole series on STEAM for peanuts.
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  2. Hlaf-life 2 was the only 1 game i finished 10 times or more) So unreal storyline. unbelievable graphic and physics model at the moment when game was released ) Almost 10 years gone since HL2 released and it still look's great )
  3. Half-Life fanboy checking in. HL and I suppose Counter-strike as well, changed me as a gamer. They're the games that took me from console gamer to full on pc gamer back in the year 2000.. ^and it's also the only video game series I've beaten several times.  Did you guys envision this series going down in history as such an important accomplishment in gaming like it did?
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  4. The original HL redefined what I consider a "good game".    This was the first FPS, or perhaps the first game period, that put me in a controllable movie.   You see this everywhere these days, but back at that time, HL  was amazing at making the player feel like part of an ongoing movie plot.    
    Where I lived at the time no one played PC (at least not in 9th grade) so no one had a clue what I was raving about when I was telling them about it

    I didn't know whether it would be a historical game, but I knew within the first week of playing that I got my hands on something major.  It just felt like....a bigger deal than other games.
  5. You're referring more to the first HL than HL2, right? I missed the initial launch of HL, I was like 8 when that came out and still hooked on Playstation. But I remember a few years later being introduced to HL and the many mods (Team Fortress, CS, Wanted) Remember that western fps "Wanted"? But yea, I find it interesting that after all that hype back around its release date, the HL series has turned into a sort of internet phenomena so many years later, mainly thanks to social media. It's like this fandom club was established back in early 2000's, but wasn't recognized til much later, in facebook days.
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    Yeah, I was referring to the original.   I very, very much like HL2  but HL1 was one of those monumental games that establishes a new level of gaming.   Kind of like when GTA III came out on the PS2 for the first time and everyone's mind was blown since nothing like that, at that quality, existed prior to it.

    I've played the major FPS's of today and most big ones are multiplayer oriented (CoD etc), and the single players simply do not grip me as much as the HL series had.   Dishonored, Crysis, and Bioshock have some nice mechanics but overall I was captivated the way I was in HL or HL2.

    Even now I consider HL2 better than any of those newer titles.
  7. Damn good game.

    Elon Musk recently praised Valve (the company behind Half Life).

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