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half lb of cannabutter (pic) with quick question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by wizzardboi, Sep 24, 2009.

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    my friend picked this up, a half lb of canna butter made from some good weed. He said he got it for 250$. I have a quick question, does anyone know any links where i can find out recipies of what gto make using this cannabutter ? now that i have it i needa find out what recipies include canna butter.

  2. Firstly, I'd like to say that although I'm sure that shit will get you fucked... it looks absolutely rancid.

    I hope you can bare to swallow it lol

    Recipes? Just use it as you would use normal butter... On some toast with a sprinkling of sugar, in a sandwich, bake it into cakes/brownies... Just use it as you'd use butter.
  3. I'm pretty positive you can smoke cannabutter. If that is actually real cannabutter.

    Most people confuse cannabutter and butter made with cannabis. Actual cannabutter is smoked like hash.
  4. if your looking for recipes just go to the incredible edibles section of recreational smoking they have an entire cookbook
  5. I think it looks like poop in a cup
  6. that looks utterly nasty. try some on some toast. like that guy said. Also If you cook with it. Doesnt cooking have to be used at lower temps to not vap out any thc?
  7. Ive seen real cannabis butter from the club and that looks nothing like it at all. Im not 100% sure its fake but it deffinately looks like it to me.

    And if it is real cannibis butter then you just use it in any recipe instead of normal butter
  8. its not fake. i ate some on a spooon and got high. it taste exactly how ithought it would taste. it was kept in a freezer inside those tuppaware. it looks very similar to all the other pics i looked at.
  9. Im pretty sure your talking about budder, cannabutter is pretty widely accepted as being cannabis infused butter, which i dont think anyone would want to smoke. Budder is a whipped up version of honey oil, and is smoked like hash ;)
  10. Ya man, cannabutter, not budder.

    A half pound of budder would be like $5,000

    But OP just bake it into cookies or brownies, and whenever the recipe tells you to add say a cup of butter, Just put a cup of your cannabutter in. (or more ;))
  11. eeew... that looks kind of gross.

    Just find any recipe that calls for butter or oil and replace.
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    thats where i run into the problem. say the amount of cannabutter the recipe calls for isn't enough to guarantee i get fucked up. i wanna put more cannabuter than the recipe calls for to make sure someone can get a buzz off 1 or 2 cookies/slices of cake. but i can't put more than the recipe calls for cause wont it fuck up the cake/cookies my making them to moist ?
  13. It All depends on how much weed the cook put into the butter. Half a pound of butter is 2 sticks. Each stick should get 5 grams for a total of 10 grams. If this is how it was made then 1 stick of butter in a batch of cookies will be great! One cookie should get you nice and stoned for 4 or 5 hours.

    Use the recipe on the back of the chocolate chips bag. I like to add cooking chocolate to mine and use more brown sugar to make them chewy!
  14. Dont smoke it lol! Bake it into something. You paid 250 dollars for a half pound?!!? Around here a pound or full stick is only like 20 to 40 dollars and thats for chronic butter to.
  15. I would think you should heat this up and put another stick or two of butter with each batch. That looks nasty, and you might want to strain it a few extra times.
  16. we used to make brownies so juicy, they were actualy greenish in color, and wed wrap each one in a napkin, napkin would absorb so much mositure it would turn green, wed eat the brownies. Then eat the napkin and SOAR!!!

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