half harvest-growbox-2 lst`s !

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  1. Yo whatss good GC,

    Im flushing my plant today and in a week im going to harvest half my girl because the bottem popcorn buds arent ready yet. My new growbox is 2 18L storage containers stacked on each other coated with mylar, With 2 fixtures ,2 y splitters ,4 100 watt equivalent 1,600 lumens each. And last hopefully girls:D lst`d
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    Excellent in ur first harvest, take notes on what went wrong in this one and improve ur self with every harvest. My advice next time go straight to 150wattsHPS instead of 150wattsCFL (true watts) not equivalent, you will spent the same amount of money regardless, just a friendly advice but hey u did it. Chillax
  3. IMHO it's better to just spend the money on the MH and HPS bulbs and fixtures.i did the cfl thing.they grew nice plants and big buds.but the buds were airy not thick and dense like the HPS bulbs do.
  4. the game? if by the game you mean biggie smalls aka Big Poppa then i approve. If not then i heavily disapprove hahah If im not mistaken B.I.G. was not a part of the game. Am i the one wrong here?
  5. during this plants life i did alot of research and learned from this alot about growing from this plant, im gunnna buy a new light but heats a issue im madd parinoid about fires. and the game never can say goodbye is the song if yu listen to rap check it the beggining ofthe 2nd verse is my sig
  6. btw hows the lst looking? lmao
  7. when you buy a new light get a cool tube light fixture and hook your vent fan and duct to it and vent the hot air out of your grow room.heat issue solved.
  8. Oh word dude... i dont really listen to the game, so i didnt know. Was just wondering, because its originally a biggie line. Its a sick rhyme though so im not surprised they re-used it.
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    Game got some good music his underground shit is hot check him out.I cant belive game used biggies line tho
  10. whats wow lmao
  11. just making sure 18/6 and shell grow more , i found out my lst is a girl on 12/12 for 10 weeks im gunna put here 18/6 for another 6 weeks and go back to 12/12 . how does this sound

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