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Half gram of kief in butter? High?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by longsword525, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I just threw a nice amount of kief ontop of some butter with turkey medalions.

    I'm wondering after i microwave it and eat it will I be high? thanks:smoke:
  2. Bump/Update

    Just ate it all and don't feel anything yet.
  3. The microwave might have burned the THC...
  4. thats a huge waste of some kief man and it's likely not to do anything. You should've smoked a bowl of the kief eating it is just a waste. Peace :smoke:
  5. i dont know about that man.

    just a few days ago a friend and i simmered 1.2 of kief and 1 gram of bud in 1 stick of butter which we used to make two big cookies, we each had one and got way too blazed.

    As far as that amount with a microwave....i dont know.
  6. damn that would be a waste of keif if it doesnt work. let us know if you end up feelin anything.

    (and i like how you made a post asking if you should do it then you dont even wait for someones advice, no hard feelings)
  7. Starting to feel numbness around my torso area. Nothing to smoke out of (bubbler got stolen) and no lighter.
  8. Bump/update

    Still coming on starting to feel spaced out..
  9. it does take a hella long time to kick in so just be patient

    a bowl can really help the liftoff
  10. it takes time for the effects of edibles to come
  11. its gonna kill you.
  12. should work fine dude just give it time.

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