Half Baked.

Discussion in 'General' started by Jack_Herrer, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Who saw this movie?
  2. I did.. Good movie.. I need to see it again with out being so baked.... The last two times I saw it STML took over!!!!
  3. dude its a old movie, i think about everyone here has
  4. It was on Comedy Central as a rerun movie, much like all of their movies...this weekend i believe...trust me it's not as funny when you're sober...I saw it sober first then while stonned...Being stonned the movie is funny as hell, because it makes you wnna get that weed and sell the shit out of it, but when you're sober it's like, damn that'd be cool...Anyway just some insight. Peace WG
  5. I have nothing good to say about this movie. It's so unrealistic.
  6. I've watched it the last two nights straight as I went to bed. Good movie. Who cares about realism as long as you are entertained. You're expected to suspend disbelief when watch movies/reading stories anyways.
  7. First off its funny as hell(the first 5 times atleast).

    Second, Jack Herer is how you spell his name. Unless you are Jack Herrer.
  8. good movie... know it line by line....
  9. half baked is a great movie, gravy yeah right... :)
  10. Half Baked, everyone on here should have seen it. Me and my friends like to toke up and see which one of them we act most like. Another good stoner movie is Beavis and Butthead Do America.
  11. just about any movie is a good movie when baked enough.

    case in point: a few years back, i was working at a festival in Harstad, a teeny little place way up north in norway. anyho' we had some good hash, and cable TV in our lodgings. and GI Jane was on. i thought it was good. some time later i tried to watch it again. sucked big time :)

    another time, me and a friend went to see Saving Private Ryan at the cinema. the cinema was stuffed, and we were HAMFers. and the omaha landing sequence. all the others in the cinema was real quiet and serious, whilst we were giggling on the verge of an outright laff-fit after seeing the dude who tried to hold his intestines in after getting his gut blown open :D

    oh, i was digressing. Saving Private Ryan *is* a very good movie. and the way Tom Hanks fills that role is just amazing!

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