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Half baked?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. Well i just ordered it on Dvd so i hope all the good reports are exactly that..good.....i can't wait to see it.....hell i'm so desperate i'm gonna pull up a chair in from of my letterbox and sleep there till it comes....with my big ass sleeping bag whistleing the "postman Pat" tune....and my out...Sid
  2. yes great movie and so fucking funny great to smoke to too

    "uhhhhhhhhh ow my nads man!" (ull get it when u see the movie)
  3. haha. if I ever saw that...well, Id have to stop. and of course watch it with you. I never passed up a viewing of half is a good flick, Im surprised you havent seen it yet!
  4. Sid,

    You're in for a treat my friend!! That's a great movie that will have you rolling on the floor. Let us know your review of it when it comes. Enjoy the show!!

    P.S. This movie goes well with Twinkies.... but you have to have access to those Twinkies first. :)

    Can't help but rib ya a little pal.
  5. gooooood movie.

    "i wanna talk to samson" <= lol
  6. Dave Chapelle is the greatest comedian ever! His show is coming out Jan. 22 I cant wait!
  7. the thing about that movie is that you can watch it OVER AND OVER AND OVER even sober and it still is damn funny so its definately worth buying (so is jay and silent bob strike back another movie that can be watched over and over)
  8. When times is hard i pick up that card with the SMILEY FACE! Call em over to mah place!

    Doctor says i need a backyotomy!

    God! if you listenin...heeeelp!

    So many awesome quotes in that movie...i dont wanna ruin it for you though.
  9. yeah thats a funny movie ... i was really baked the first time i watched and andhad to watch it a seconde time to understand it though.... lol
  10. good...i can't wait for it to arrive....Peace out...Sid
  11. phat movie. i wanna talk to samson
  12. Yo. Sid!!! How exactly does the Postman Pat tune go????
  13. "Ever take off all your clothes and run backward through a cornfield?" -Kenny
  14. LMAO.....o.k. it goes....postman pat....postman pat....postman pat, and his black and white cat....early in the morning just as day is dawning, pat packs all his letters in his van.....da da da...da da da....da da da da da da da da out....SDid
  15. the best movie i love the bit when david is out on a date with mary jane and doesnt have any money watch what he says to the hot dog guy and also there is a guest star on it (snoop doggy dog) i think that was funny scene anyway i dont wont to spoil it for ya tell us what u think about it ok cya men and enjoy it

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