Half-Assed Outdoor Grow Questions (LAST MINUTE)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Puppy Whirl, May 27, 2009.

  1. Okay, so I'm going to be attempting my first outdoor grow this summer, before now it's been indoor grows but I'm moving to outdoors for various reasons. I have a few questions that may be obvious, but I've never ran into these issues when growing indoors, so be patient please :)

    1. When planting the seeds, the pointy end goes towards the sky, right? (Indoor growing I pre-germinated them all so I saw which side the first root comes out of, with this grow I will just be putting the seeds 0.5 under the soil in hopefully ideal locations)

    2. Will green seeds grow just as well as the standard brown/black-striped ones, or should I discard these? (Before, I used strain seeds ordered online, I'll be using bagseed for this grow)

    3. Is it okay if I plant them in a spot that gets sun, but now 100% direct sunlight as if it were in the middle of a field? For example, in a small forest clearing with trees on the sides so there will be shadows sometimes, but still bright? What affect will this have on the time from planting to harvest? I would like to speed up this time if at all possible.


    I'm going to be planting them tomorrow at the latest, but I am leaving August 20th to go back to school. I can come back on Labor Day weekend (September 7th), and some weekends after that, or even any weekend driving back with my friend if it's important to check on the plants.

    I realize this grow will probably take more time than August 20th (unless there's some way to speed it up, please tell me how), but how important is it that I harvest the buds ASAP? Is it okay if I leave the mature amber-resined buds hanging on the plant for an extra 5 days or so? And is it okay that I won't be there to water them towards the end, or will that greatly affect yield?

    Thanks everybody, I'm really excited for this grow, it'll be the biggest scale one I've attempted yet. Please try to answer my questions if you can! I'm gonna be starting up a super-detailed grow journal when the first little leaves poke out.
  2. 1) taproot does down... but if your doing it strait into the soil without germing it doesn't matter the plant figures it out eventually

    2) green and white seeds are immature seeds... sometimes white seeds sprout but i wouldn't waste time... brown and stripped or spotted are the seeds to work with... if you get white seeds from a seedbank i'd be mad...

    3) direct bright light = dense nugs... indirect or dim light still gives you bud just not as much and you get airy or fluffy nuggets

    and don't worry 5 days isn't that long of a time to leave mature buds on the plants.. a few weeks would be a problem a few days no...

    peace and happy growing...
  3. Thanks a lot!

    I found a nice spot in a forest I'm gonna machete-clear so I think they'll get a good amount of light. I still have enough brown seeds to get some plants going too.

    How many months do you think it'll take until harvest from planting in good light and well-watered soil (probably not gonna use any nutrients)? Is there any chance at all they'll be ready to harvest in the 2.5 months I have until I leave? Any way to induce flowering faster with nutrients, like Potassium or something?
  4. for outdoors veg time has nothing to do with flowering..

    you you want to harvest in 2.5 moths autoflowring strains are the best bet... but your using bagseed right? to induce flowring you could cover them with something for a few hours a day but thats tedious... just be patient and you will harvest anywhere from september 15 - december 15... since its bagseed you have a very wide window of possible harvest times...

    was the bagseed indica or sativa?

  5. It'll be rough getting back to my grow from school except on the weekends during that harvesting estimate, the area I'll be planting is next to a little mostly underground stream so it'll have a good water supply, I'll be watering it too each weekend though. Is that okay or should I enlist someone's help?

    I'm thinking of putting a little more effort into this and putting some potting soil on each location that I'm putting the seeds. Is it okay if I dig out like a small pot's size into the ground and just fill that up with potting soil? Should I pack it in firmly or leave it looser?

    Also, how many days until I see sprouts after I put them in the ground to germinate, does it being outside make a difference from the normal 2 or 3 days?

    And will it being outside make it take longer to see sex of the plants as well? When will that start showing?

    Thanks a lot for your help! :wave: +rep
  6. The place I just cleared out with a machete a few hours ago (so much work, goddam) is basically clear for sun towards the east, but on the sides it has vegetation blocking so it won't get much direct sunlight towards sunset.

    Is it possible that this will fool the plant into thinking the day is shorter, and it will flower sooner?

    So yeah I cleared out this spot, I just put the seeds in a bag with a moist paper towel until I plant them tomorrow, I'm looking for any head start I can get haha. When I get over there tomorrow I'm going to till the ground a bit (it's a heavily vegetated green brush area so I think it's decent soil), but I also bought a bag of garden soil that I'll fill some holes with just to be sure. Then I have 7 good-looking seeds I'm gonna sow, and water, and then I'll take the first pictures for my grow journal :p
  7. germinate the seeds and just place them in jiffy pots or soil filled cups. Make sure the soil mix has a good amount of perlite .. also make the sure the soil doesnt have nutrients or close to none. Once the plants are a month old transfer them to their final spot..

    nah man as long the plants are getting some sort of sun light theyll stay in veg. mode..

    dont worry bout the pointy side.. just drop the seed in the hole.. itll find its way to the surface.. thats how it was done b4 man found cannabis..

    also dig holes and mix the old soil with new soil and some blood meal or bonemeal and a good amound of perlite or sand..

    make the holes bigger then usual.. 2' holes are good..
    anywayz great grow ! :smoking:
  8. Sand works well? I'm in the process of prepping my spot and I am considering using little pebbles. Perlite is not a option considering I want them to blend into the natural landscape as much as possible.
  9. The cups aren't an option, I can't grow them at my house.

    Isn't it kinda the same thing as if I put them in holes filled with the soil that I would've put in the cups anyway?
  10. Oh shit. The Weather Channel is projecting showers and thunderstorms starting at 1pm tomorrow and going for like all of the next day too.

    Should I keep the seeds in their little germination baggie until it stops raining? Will the rain be too much and wash the seeds away from under the soil, or drown the little sprouts?

    I just put them in the baggie with the moist paper towel 2 hours ago, is another 2 days in there fine for them or will it get detrimental? Like if the roots sprout is it okay to keep it in just the papertowel for 2 days?

    Also, should I bother to go till and dig the soil and put down the gardening soil I bought, or should I do that after the rain?
  11. I understand that your saying everything is last minute and all but if your looking to pull a decent harvest your gonna have to do a little homework here as well. Ill still try and help.

    Digging holes and putting good fertile soil is a good thing. The problem arises when you go digging 50 holes to find out 20 of them are males. If you were using fem seeds or clones that would be a different story.

    Sprouting stays the same. Im also growing some bagseed very similar to you. But Im also growing Herijuana & White Rhino clones. In my Heri & WR patches Im digging holes and hauling in soil, but in my bagseed patches Im not. I did however pre-germ them with a wet paper towel to try to get them sprouted during a few rainy days because the ground needs to stay moist. Thats why most people try and germ the seeds and let the sprouts grow a little to increase chance of survival.

    They should start showing sex somwhere around mid July.

    Good Luck.
  12. I've read all the sticky's, it's just these really specific situations I'm running into that I haven't found the answers to by searching or google. But hey, that's what having fellow blades around is for :)

    I'm only planting 7 seeds or so, so the digging and soil shouldn't be so much of a big deal.

    I guess I'll wait until after the rain stops to do all that though, it'll probably be made a lot easier too
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    Ya you should be fine. 2 days is normal for germing. Did you soak the seeds in a glass of purified water waiting for seeds to sink before putting in the towel? I think that can speed up germination. I do that and usually get a tap root around 1 day - 2 days later. I have been out of town when i was germinating, and let the taproot get as long as a half inch before planting. Which was about a week in the moist towel (i don't use paper towel). As for rain washing the seeds away i don't think so. Just put em about 2 - 2 1/2 inches below the surface and you should be fine. I have noticed ground hogs or moles digging trails straight to my seeds underground and eating them. Growing outdoors you will want some sort of animal repellent that works on rabbets moles mice, etc.
  14. A friend of mine dropped like 30 seeds in the ground all in one place just to see if they'd sprout. It rained everyday until we went and checked on them and almost every seed had sprouted and a few were already a few inches tall and were actually quite strong.

    Needless to say we moved a couple to a secured location.
  15. Still waiting to plant, since rain is still on for tomorrow, but I visited the site today and dug 7 nice holes spaced about 3 feet away from each other. I have Miracle Grow garden soil in a bag that I'll be putting in the holes, already placed and hidden at the grow-site, but I wanted to hold off on doing that until after the rain so it doesn't get washed away or anything stupid.

    Any recommendations on things I should add to the soil, or should it already have enough of anything to be okay?

    I cleared out the path to the grow site probably a little too well and I want to conceal it a little bit. Does anybody have any good recommendations on what plants are fast growing, look innocuous, and will block sight well while still allowing me to push through them easily?

    I was thinking some type of tall, fast-growing grass or something, do they sell those in stores?
  16. Make sure you put the seeds in some jiffy pots with regular potting mix. The fertilizer in the maricle grow soil is not good for seedlings. They prefer a fertilizer free soil. On your plant question. It is still early in the summer and the woods will look almost completly diferent in a month. Overgrown with all sorts of shit. I had a clearling in the woods I used for a few years. I would just gently move branches aside and try not to step in the same place. I made the trail zag alot so it would not be noticed. Also moveing the braches and what not made it real hard to find. Avoild walking there when the ground is wet. The foot prints stick and its easier to create a noticable trail.

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