Halarious comedy act!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Venomous Puffer, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. LOL OMG!! what was the name of the dude who did the stand up about bitches last night on tour with dave attell??!? Lol!! He is so damn funny lol. He was the one doing the comparison between his wife and bitches he was like "YEA MAN! My wife needs to watch cribs cause she acts way different than lets say ludacris' bitches! I mean like wives will drink champeign every once in a while, but they wont pop the bottle and spray the champeign all over their chests! cause thats how bitches drink! they pour that shit all over themselves! And wives will wash your car every once in a while but they will never take the suds and pour it all over themselves and press their tits up against your window! CAUSE THATS HOW BITCHES WASH SHIT! THEY PRESS THEIR TITS UP AGAINST EVERYTHING! AND BITCHES ARE ALWAYS HAPPY! AND IF THEY GET ANGRY U JUST TURN THE MUSIC UP AND THEY START DANCING HARDER!!"

    hahahahahahaha!!! lol i need that act on my computer :p:p:p:p :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello: mad props to that man, i need his name haha
  2. Greg Geraldo, im watchin it right now
  3. I love Dave Attell and Greg is cool but I hate dan ecook.
  4. haha dane cook is awesome - thanks for the name u guys :D
  5. yea dane cook is amazing with the jokes
  6. i second that, dane is just nonsense.
  7. greg geraldo is fuckin hilarious. he was at his top on that insomniac tour thing.

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