Haiti + Katrina: difference in America's aid?

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  1. How do you feel about the aid America is currently giving to Haiti as compared to the aid we gave to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina? Both are natural disasters in which lives were ruined, but one occurred on American soil. What do you think?
  2. I think it doesn't matter.
  3. Well I would think that any country would naturally give more aid to a disaster on their own soil.
  4. I would understand if they devoted more resources to Katrina, because it happened here. Not saying we should just ignore the problems of those around us. Obviously we should put forth more of our money and our efforts for our problems, but still give a reasonable amount of help to our fellow humans regardless of where they happen to be. IMO at least.
  5. ummmm america/george bush fucked up on katrina...

    the world was on top of haiti fast.

    america helped haiti more then katrina, cause george bush hates black people and obama is black and likes his fellow black men? is that where this thread is going.

    dont kow what to discuss:bolt:
  6. I wish I could be almost a trillion dollars in debt and still give away money...
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  8. example: you live your whole life, taking your mother life for granted. your mother dies tomorrow. you spend every day from then on thinking/thanking/praying for her.

    just cause the world suddenly woke up and realized change is needed, shouldnt make you "not care". you dont care cause you dont care, not becasue everyone is givin aid... just like you said, you never cared.

    well thank god their is people who didnt care, who care now. good that they're not thinking with your mindset. ooo they were always poor who gives a fuck.

    usually when something bad happens, where someelse needs help. people imagine if it was there country, their people, themselves. im guessing you werent born in a country with your own people. you were prob born in the us? with tons of diversity, you simply dont have your own people

    you help others, cause your thankful your not in that situation. you dont give a shit? thats fucking great.
    just remember that karma is the way the world works, its a balance. you will be balanced by karma my man.
    i hope when you're trapped and dieing, someone is standing over your shoulder saying what you said "i dont care".
    that will bring some o sweet justice.

    hope u never need help slim, and hope u never get it, becasue thats exactly what you deserve.

    imagine being your hungriest ever!!!! your thirstiest ever!!!!! just picture it man. just beeing really really really reaaly reaaly thirsty ad hungry, and not having anything at all.
    while you smoke weed and get extra appetite to eat extra food, and you say you dont care.

    sickening man
  9. Deaths from katrina: around 2,000 people

    Deaths In Haiti from the earthquake: around 100,000 people

    plus, with Haiti being as poverned as it was previous to the earthquake you could see major disease and outbreaks of violence emerge. This is no bueno

    i think it's great how much support America is showing to Haiti regardless of any hidden reasons why there's so much support
  10. Look man, you know what sickens me? These VIPs doing this help for Hiati shit and everyone suddenly giving a fuck. I give everyone another 2 weeks and everyone will have forgotten, Haiti will be rebuilt in time and the same poverty will come back. And no one will care.

    I stopped caring because there is no way I can help. I spent the majority of my life feeling bad for other people, im done with that, im not going back to it. I feel sorry for these people, I really do. And I felt sorry for them beforehand. My response to this thread was pretty stupid and filled with asshole, it just enrages me when I see some actor up on stage asking us to donate, a whole country filled with grief for what happened there. But no one cares about the poverty in Haiti before the earthquake, I didnt see A SINGLE FUCKING NEWS REPORT about that. Just like the poverty in India, Somalia, etc. "Oh, yeah, 70% of the population couldnt get food or clean drinking water and lived in overfilled little huts they built themselves from rubbish the rich threw away, in slums marked by disease, crime and voilence but now theyve had an earthquake so lets all pretend WE GIVE A FUCK."

    The bottom line is that in half a year everyone will have forgotten about the earthquake, people will be starving again and no one will care.
  11. Its sad that katrina victims didnt get this type of support like this but the past is the past. We can sit here and discuss this shit for weeks but actions speak louder than words. But SlimPremium, i hear what your saying your just saying it in a asshole way. I knew haiti's situation was bad before this just made it worst for the people. You dont have to be thinking about em everyday but you can look at the fact that 200,000 people in the long run died and thousands and thousands of more are even more displaced. Man, its just alil sympathy thats it.
  12. You know what? Your right. And we need to help Haiti. But we should help them for the right reasons. This is a chance to build up a just country, I hope we dont build it back up and allow the same corruption and poverty to happen again.
  13. What are you saying OP?

    That we should help people in other countries who suffer a natural disaster as we do our own?

    Here's something that might blow your mind. I think the American government should give NO MONEY, that's right, ZERO DOLLARS, to ANY OTHER country.

    It doesn't matter if they are suffering from a natural disaster, genocide, etc. etc.

    I don't care. Leave it to private charity or said countries government.

  14. Financing national building is under what Article of the Constitution? I'm having trouble finding it.

  15. I'm actually asking this question as an assignment for my sociology course. My personal opinions aside, I'm asking as an unbiased interviewer.

    That said, keep the responses coming. They're pretty interesting thus far.
  16. Does it matter? People are hurt and now they are getting help isn't that whats important? Bush it out of office, Katrina was handled poorly but that is the past for all intents and purposes. A disaster is a disaster and regardless of where it happens or who it happens to they deserve the help they cannot provide them selves in this extremely dark time.
  17. Slim you really need to calm down about this, this earthquake was a MAJOR catastrophe. I'm not saying that poverty isn't but this incident was focused on Port-Au-Prince. Poverty affects most of the world, what can we possibly do? However, a capital city struck by a quake that kills over a 100,000 people demands immediate attention. We can't do ANYTHING about the poverty, thats for Haiti to figure out. However, we can do A LOT for their earthquake.
    You're right, people will forget, but at least we helped them in their time of need.

    Imagine this, you see a hobo fall down on the street and he can't get back up. You hurry over to help him up, and after he thanks you, you leave on your merry way. You're not gonna donate half your life savings to him because....why should you? It's not your obligation to give him money, nor is it the U.S.'s obligation to rise Haiti out of poverty. Why should we care about poverty in the world when there's really nothing we can do to improve it. You make it sound like the people helping Haiti are assholes, but really it's just you.

    By the way, how does this make any sense?
    "I stopped caring because there is no way I can help. I spent the majority of my life feeling bad for other people, im done with that, im not going back to it. I feel sorry for these people, I really do."

    Do you care, or do you not care...
  18. we dont have bush as president:rolleyes:

  19. This. America has problems within the country, we can't give out money to every country that has a natural disaster, that's corrupt, that have never helped us in the past.
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    Three things.

    1. The USA is constantly giving developing countries aid. They use it as leverage. I think recently they threatened to cut off Uganda when they were trying to pass a bill that made homosexuality illegal.

    2. When Katrina happened other countries gave the US $800 million in aid. They took $125m of it and only spent $40m on Katrina.

    3. There were just as many people collecting donations for Katrina as Haiti.

    Fun fact: For everyone that donated with texts, the money isn't sent until you get your monthly bill.

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