Hairy Or Not?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by budgirl, May 25, 2006.

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  1. I just got back from the pool a little earlier. While I was there I noticed more people staring at me than normal. Thought maybe I had a booger hangin or something. When I got in house and looked in mirror I noticed some hair sticking out of the side of my bikini bootoms. I just got back from a trip and havent trimmed up. Do you guys like that sort of thing, or was I grossing everyone out?:)

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  2. thats classic the booger thing...thats the most emmbarasing thing ever...expecially when it\'s like on the tip of your nose or on the side of your face.
  3. I think I\'d find it more funny than anythin I like that shit clean but thats only my opinion
  4. haha well personally i like to have a girl with it either trimmed nicely or shaved off

    so my guess it people were just like \":eek:\"
  5. i would definetly think the majority were i guess \"grossed out\" or maybe just really surprised haha but hey i bet there was some people who really enjoyed it. as for me i like it shaved or trimmed up real nice
  6. bald is beautiful
  7. Its your choice, do you want to submit to the male made criteria to what beauty is, fuled by the media and pornography. Or do you want to be an independant and do what you want regardless of what people think or judge of you.

    Its your choice.
  9. Like ledfut said, Bald is beautiful.

    And i know the ladies gotta take time to do it, So i take the time to do it too. Ladies dont like gettin a mouthful of hair when they down there, So when they with me no worries.
  10. personally i\'m hairy... so i cant complain
  11. Hmm, I think we\'ll need pics to be sure.
  12. lol...yeah i\'ve seen bush sticking out like that and it is not going to impress anybody. But like how much bush was showing lol was it like a little or has it been like a decade since you shaved that shit...cuz a little wouldn\'t be too bad at all but if it was a lot then yeah that would gross me out a lot, i would probably vomit...
  13. oh my fucking god... this is the grossest shit i have ever read.

    yes, it is fucking DISGUSTING.
  14. Seriously that shit needs to be like an airplane run way.

    Fuck broads that have their shit looking like the Vietnam Jungle down there. Waitin for a gook to jump out and blast me.
  15. personally, i like when my girlfriend is smooth.

    it reminds me of when i was 5 and would kiss my grandpa goodbye and his whiskers would scratch my face when she doesn\'t.
  16. You\'re 40 years old pretty much, Why are you asking a bunch of 18-22 year olds and showing half naked pictures? That in itself (much like a mane of pubes) is disgusting. Go seek attention elsewhere or grow up.
  17. Shave That Shit
  18. shut the fuck up.

    she posted it in pandora\'s box. there are no pics. it was a simple question.

    i think i said this to you on the last thread you flamed her on. if you don\'t like the thread click <- and get the fuck out.
  19. Would you find it offensive it I were to show a 13-14 year old girl half naked pictures of me? You\'re right, you would find it gross. Exactly the same ideal pretty much. The reason I hate 90% of her posts is while many users work towards making Grasscity a better place her posts are about how she doesn\'t shave and how shes proud of being -repped as well as insulting our mods. Tell me, Whats there to like about her?
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