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  1. Well back in the day i used to get Q-Hps of outdoor indian reservation weed.. and at the bottom there would be literally a layer of orange hairs that had fallen off. so i would slice 5-6 little hair sized lines in a folded peice of paper and shake and shake and the hairs would fall onto the paper. well after 10 minutes i would have usually 2 grams of hairs. it got me a different kind of baked, it was pretty sick. anyone ever do anything like this?
  2. I got some Northern Lights and some Afghani (sp?) off my buddy once. The afghani had huge clusters of dark red hairs everywhere on the buds. I broke a big one up once and seperated all the hairs. I know what you mean by the different high. Different parts of buds produce different effects. I dont know the specifics though.
  3. Smoking pure red hairs seems to give me the most intense high.. I think the best I had was from this local grower, he called it 'God Bud', I don't know if it was the original, but it had like reddish pink hairs everywhere, it was insane.
  4. i've heard of god's gift but not god's bud
  5. Yea God Bud is awesome, one of my favorite strains from an old delivery service in NYC

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