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  1. I am new to the growing situation. Just ordered a microscope (60-100x) today. Buds are here, but what exactly am I looking for in the "trichomes" and hairs? What hairs should I be focusing on? Any help is greatly appreciated from this newbie....
  2. the pistils/hairs need to begin to turn reddish brown, and the trichs need to go from clear to just beginning to go cloudy
  3. The little resin heads or Trichomes are what your looking for. under a microscope they kind of resemble a mushrooms a little but i guess. they did to me atleast. a little (-0) lookin
  4. Three colours your looking for .... so check me out.


    In that order is the order the combs develop.... you followen me.................they say indica is better with almost all cloudy ....... and sativa is almost all amber.......

    Hairs show nothing ...... disregard hairs...
  5. I chop mine when the trichomes are about one third amber. But that is my personal taste - it may not be yours.
  6. The buds weigh more when u leave em till the trichomes are about 75% amber, so it is good for selling and it gives you a more narcotic body stone. If u pick em like fly says when they are one third amber then you have a really good in between high which is a combination of body and head high which is good for your personal stash. And if you pick them when the trichomes are cloudy before the tips start turning amber then its more of a head high.

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