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  1. i got ripped off today, gave a guy 75 bucks for 8 grams and im guessing its only around 5 and its almost all shake. I dumped the bag on a table, and at the bottom of the bag was just a pile of hairs (from the buds). so i grabbed some shake mixed it with some old bud and covered it in hairs and rolled a joint...know im thinkin i should cut it open and smoke a bowl of hairs. arent the hairs really potent?
  2. Ive smoked hair bowls before.theyre so dank.
  3. Only one way to find out :smoking:
  4. Yea but the thicomes have even more. Like two to three times the amount of thc
  5. if you load a bowl of hairs into a dry piece its going to be harsh but it could get you high just try it i guess
  6. Why dont you take it back to your dealer and say that not what you paid for. You paid for buds not hairs and shake. If my dealer gave me shake at bud prices i would hand it right back to him. Even shitty mids ive returned it to him when he had something better and pay the difference from what i smoked.
  7. The hairs are just pistols, and to my understanding, they aren't very high in thc.
  8. you got burned dude
  9. Just the fact alone that it was supposed to be 8g and you said its around 5g is more than enough reason to never have even bought it. He shorted you by alot deff enough to even tell just by looking at it.

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