hairs turning orange/yellowish.. harvest time or???

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  1. high all !!
    my hairs are turning yellow orangey colour, and was wondering if i should harvest this bitch? or what??? and does anyone have a good list of "what to do when harvesting" cause tthis is my first grow and i have no clue on drying /curing.
    any help is appreciated! toke on!
  2. Best way to tell when ready to harvest is to look at the trichs under a 10x magnifying glass or microscope. Also, you can cut off a piece, dry it for 24 hours and take a smoke test. As for the drying and curing, type both those words in the GC search engine and you will be blessed with loads of info.
  3. To harvest you plants get a room completly dark. Put a fan in there all day and hang the plants upside down. Dont let the light get to them. Before you hang them though do some manicuring before hand like just cut all the leaves as close to the bud s possible unless covered in trichoms. Leave them in darkness for about 3-4 weeks. You will know when they are ready by taking a branch a break it. It should snap really cleanly. If that happens they are ready for curing. Cut the buds off the stem and put them in the jars. Take some jars with tops big enough to fit your hand in and keep them in jars for 4 weeks. Everyday open the jars for about 6 hours to let them air out. Every three days before you open give the jar a little shake because resin busts and you shaking them keeps the buds freash.WHATEVER YOU DO TRY NOT TO TOUCH THE BUDS. IF YOU TOUCH THE BUDS ALOT IT WILL DOWNGRADE THE SHIT. ALWAYS USE LITTLE SCISSORS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. But after 4 weeks you will have some mind folding shit i promise. ALWAYS CURE YOUR BUD.
  4. how fat are your buds?, fat enough, 70% pistils amber/brown harvest

    not fat enough yet, give them a week, some plants really fatten to the last moment.

    Currently on my first grow
    4x39 daylight Osram Fluoros hung up in chains, some old school twist, jeje.
    4 Indicas
    6 Sativas
    .5 g/L of "triple 17 plus" (17-17-17 N-P-K and some micrconutes)
    .5 g/L of "nutriflor" (15-30-15 N-P-K)
    35 days 12-12

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