Hairs going brown early

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by randgen, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. My plant has been flowering for about two weeks now and while the upper buds are growing rapidly with 100% white hairs the tiny lower buds have already gone are already mostly brown-haired. Is this normal? Should these be harvested early?
  2. Just go by the trichs! Problem solved!

  3. there aren't really any trichs to go by after only two weeks in 12/12. but I always thought 100% brown hairs meant the bud was done growing.
  4. Hopefully you don't have any stray pollen floating around. The hairs will start turning brown on calyxes that have been "impregnated".
  5. They can turn brown from a few environmental reasons too. A big one is night time temps being too cold. I did a couple rounds of clones from the same mother, and the hairs were different ratios of brown each time. It's not really useful.
  6. too many factors involved that can cause hairs to change color, it is not a good way to gauge ripeness.

    If you don't feel confident in judging bud ripeness just chop her down at eight weeks if its an indica strain and 11 weeks if its a sativa. 8 weeks is a pretty standard flowering period for most strains.

  7. ^^ HUH????? The trichs just don't disappear 2 weeks into flower??

    I've had them turn by just bumping them a bunch or them getting rubbed with other leaves from plants. But i've also heard some say it's a sign of a hermi in the room too but I have no experience with that. So that could be just complete B.S.... may as well always check them again. Better safe than sorry.
  8. It could work as a sign because like buzb8lvr said the hairs turn brown once the flower is pollinated, so if you have no males yet your girls are winding up with seeds, there's probably a hermie in the room. Or you have an open window and one of your neighbors has a male.

    It's not likely though, it's probably just environmental factors. Do they get cold at night? It definitely showed in my girls during winter time. And I wouldn't worry about the trichomes, I never had many at 2 weeks either.
  9. Sweet I had never known that one for sure.
  10. no worries man, this happens... my guess would be a ph swing... but you will see they grow more..heat can also do that... but as i said no worries...

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