Hairs browning at 4-5 weeks flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Mr&MrsHouck, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. First post here ‍♀️‍♂️
    We are not beginning growers but far from expert growers

    Always Stay Learning!!!

    We pulled 2 of our largest girls this evening

    We discovered the hairs turning brown on the lower branches with the smaller flower. We have no idea what it could be and now after pulling them and seeing their roots, I'm 100% positive that it was not root rot The browning was progressing towards the top of the plants. We thought possibly hermies??
    We didn't want to risk my other plants so we got them out quickly
    Any insight would be appreciated
    Grown in FF Ocean Forest soil
    Fabric Pots
    MaxiGrow for Veg
    MaxiBloom for Flower

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  2. Is it super humid where you are?
  3. It is at times as well as very hot

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  4. Normal. I believe most of my grows around 4-5w hairs start to change
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  5. I panicked and cut them down out of fear of it spreading to my other ones ‍♀️
    They were big and beautiful GSC from seed
    Ugh.... live and learn

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  6. That sucks :-(
    Looking at ur leaves some of the edges are going up and a lot are praying a lot. I bet heat is making them turn a lil quicker... have u thought about getting that netting stuff ppl put over their plants to block some of the sun? Not sure exactly what it’s called, but I’ve seen several ppl on Ig use it outside. The ones u chopped, I would use them and make some butter or something
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  7. They are in direct sunlight most of the day and its been close to or slightly over 100° here lately.
    We are to finally see a cool down in about a week
    I've thought of shading them partially but the Mr. thinks it will take to much away from them and affect growth and flowering
  8. I think the mr may be wrong. When it’s to hot or to much light it needs to be adjusted. To much I’d guess could be just as bad as not enough
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  9. I've been trying to tell him this for years now

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  10. Trellis

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  11. I grow in 105º degree heat in direct sunlight all day in NorCal and have never seen that issue with heat. Mine are in the beginning of week 4 and I have never seen pistols turn brown unless the plants have been sprayed with something like Eagle 20 or someone in your area sprayed an herbicide and your plants got the drift. Regardless of your loss you need to find the cause. Good luck.
    This is one of mine in week 4
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  12. Over feeding can also cause pistils to start browning early.
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  13. GreenCure of Bi-Carb will turn pistils brown if spayed at full strength. You did not mention any sprays but I just wanted to throw that out there. Sorry about the bad luck and hope you get it figured out.

    I'm also in NorCal and we just had some pretty hot days this last week, I don't think it's heat related.

    Here's my favorite at 4 weeks: (Napali Pink) IMG_20190831_130149.jpg
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  14. It's a miracle!
    I have finally convinced the Mr that the heat and 12+ hours of full sun from June till August has dramatically reduced the quality of our gardens and we will be reconfiguring our setup for next year!!

    It only took me 9 frickin years

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  15. You should keep one plant set up the same and compare the yields to same strain grown with new setup
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  16. I so told him I was doing this!
    It took me 7 years to get him to switch to fabric pots and he's still amazed with the huge difference just that made

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  17. I have a roommate like that. Can't tell em nothing lol. This year I'm showing him though. He just puts them in the ground and waters, that is it. No amendments, no super soil/living soil, no fertz or calmag or silica. just whatever the foxfarm of comes with. My buds are like donkey dicks and his look like pipe cleaners.
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  18. Lol yeah you have to give them something!
    Sure they will grow but they definitely won't thrive

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