hairs already on plants

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    Thay been on 12/12 for 1 week now and thay already have hairs on tham.When i got tham 5 weeks ago thay had hairs on tham.But thos hairs died after two weeks in veg.Has any one ever had this happen to tham?
  2. were the plants u got clones?
  3. what was that i dont understand? has any one ever had this happen to tham befor?
  4. hahahahaha u need to get ur super search on!!!!! if you don't know what a clone is then how the hell are u expecting to grow a complex plant such as marijuana? You need to know quite a bit to have a successful grow and if u don't know what a clone is that shows me you don't really know much, go search around the forums and look at the stickies on top then come back if u still don't know...
  5. i no what clones are im from vancouver guy.i was just asking if any one has ever had hair after a week on 12/12

  6. Hair like to sex the plant ? I just sexed two of my skunk at 19 days in Veg.
  7. not to sex the plant.i got clones.just flowering.
  8. hairs when you start flowering thats normal ur doing good don't worry bout the old hairs they prob. flowered it to see the sex too long then threw it back into veg state. good luck....
  9. Sounds like you got plants that were already grown out to some extent, possibly already showing sex when you got them, and then you vegged them for 5 more weeks, so it makes perfect sense that they would be showing hairs early in 12/12.
  10. +1, and the pistils withering in re-veg sounds right too.
    So you got some clones that were just beginning to show sex, and you re-vegged them, and now they're showing their hoo-haas again. If you take the time to explain your situation fully, people won't have to guess! :p
  11. would the buz be smaller cause its already been in bud

  12. The above situation assuming that is correct, only you know the answer here will not have any effect on the potency of the marijuana.

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